Monday, February 04, 2008

A reasoned decision

Catching up on a weekend of feeds I didn't read, I came across this reasoned decision by Tammy Bruce:

This is not over, and do not let the establishment media tell you otherwise. I'm for Romney not only because McCain is a disaster, but because Romney also happens to be the better candidate. Do I disagree with him on some important social issues? Yes. But I stopped expecting the president to be the answer to my dreams. And the one time when I actually thought we had found the perfect candidate and president, Clinton, he and his wife ended up betraying both the gay and feminist communities--not because they were philosophically opposed to something, but because it was politically expedient. In other words, they lied to get what they wanted, a strategy both McCain and Clinton employ to this day.


I learned a great political lesson in my support of the Clintons in 1992 and 1996--that my freedom and quality of life is up to me. No man or woman is the be all and end all, nor should I look to a politician to be responsible to make my life better. I can do that, but only when I have the financial freedom to make the decisions that best suit me. Today's Leftist, as embodied by an opportunist politician like Hillary Clinton, not only will lie to you to get your vote, they then enact policies which take more of our money ultimately sucking away our personal liberty.

It makes sense to me.

Read the rest here.

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