Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mythbusters Demographics

I've spent the last hour watching MYTHBUSTERS online -- more than 80 some odd clips -- all of the stuff that didn't make their weekly show, and their out-take, while sampling the JACK DANIELS SINGLE BARREL Whiskey MBH gave me for Christmas (or was it my birthday?).... and I have the following observations:'

  • It's hard to dispute the concept that the target demographics of MYTHBUSTERS Online (at least) is the post 34 year old gal... that conclusion comes from all of the ads for OIL OF OLAY and the NATIONWIDE care1 insurance ad featuring two women obviously in their mid 30's. Guess I am out of their target demo...
  • Since they featured a lot of BEHIND THE SCENES:Buster, its easy to assume that DISCOVERY Channel is owned by VIACOMM (who also owns VH-1)
  • Lastly, if I am blogging about such crap, I am thoroughly buzzed....

1Ooops, buzzed typo.

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