Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary Rodham-Clinton

My goodness, where has the month gone? I can't believe it's over 3 weeks since I wrote about Sen. Barack Obama's campaign, and I'm only carving time out now to tell the world my position on any other specific candidate!

I present my reasons why Sen. Hillary Clinton should not be president.

  • In a 2004 fund-raising speech in San Francisco, she was highly critical of President Bush's tax cuts, saying that Many of you are well enough off that ... the tax cuts may have helped you. We're saying that for America to get back on track, we're probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good. That the tax cuts went to all tax payers, and not the rich, is a fact that has escaped Sen. Clinton and probably all Liberals. Her rhetoric here reminds me of a famous quote.
  • In September 2007, Clinton revealed her new American Health Choices Plan, an "individual mandate" universal health care plan that would require health care coverage for all individuals. Clinton explained individuals can keep their current employer-based coverage, or choose an expanded version of Meidcare or federal employee health plans. The projected cost of the plan is $110 billion annually and will require all employers to cover their employees' health insurance or contribute to the costs of their employees' health insurance coverage; tax credits will be provided to companies with fewer than 25 employees to help cover costs. In order to pay for the program's estimated $110 billion per year cost, Clinton favors repealing portions of the Bush tax cuts, effectively increasing some taxes to the higher rates which existed in 2000. Let's see: health care coverage for all individuals means we no longer have the choice to be not insured. Think that's crazy? The wealthy often choose only to have catastrophic coverage. On the other end of the spectrum, if there are people who live on the streets - in spite of all the outreach programs and shelters available to them - and claim to do so as a right - they, too, lose their freedom. Medicare is already faltering, so her answer is to inject the entire population into it? And what employer, in their right mind, would continue to provide health insurance fringe benefits if the federal government is going to cover the costs, anyway? None, and that's why her idea is fiscally insolvent from the beginning. Once again, I'll do whatever I have to provide my family private health insurance; I'll never surrender my freedom of choice.
  • Clinton voted in favor of the McCain-Feingold Act in 2002 that imposed restrictions on soft money and political campaign advertising. In 2007, Clinton reiterated her support for public financing of elections in the wake of the Norman Hsu affair. Of course, after getting caught will illegal contributions, Sen. Clinton again calls for public financing; hypocrite! And while President Bush foolishly signed McCain-Feingold into law, it is nothing short of an abridgement of free political speech.
  • In 2006, she strongly criticized HR 4337, a bill passed by the House of Representatives in December 2005 and sent to the Senate, which would impose harsher penalties for undocumented workers. Clinton called the measure a rebuke to what America stands for and said it would be an unworkable scheme to try to deport 11 million people, which you have to have a police state to try to do. She believed the solution to the illegal immigration problem was to make a path to earned citizenship for those who are here, working hard, paying taxes, respecting the law, and willing to meet a high bar for becoming a citizen. Because we all know that America now stands for people breaking the law, getting away with it, and getting rewarded for it, too! This is an insult to the generations of legal immigrants, passed and present, who went through (or are in the process of going through) the legal steps to earn citizenship.
  • Iraq War Her flip-flopping on Iraq is proof of only a politician who will say or do anything depending on the current polls; this is not a statesman, nor a worthy candidate for president.
  • Womb to the Tomb: I like the idea of giving every baby born in America a $5,000 account that will grow over time, so that when that young person turns 18 if they have finished high school they will be able to access it to go to college or maybe they will be able to make that down payment on their first home. A campaign spokesman said that Clinton's comment was not a policy proposal "but an idea under consideration." She told the Wall Street Journal this month that she wouldn't propose the idea. Every politician is entitled to a few gaffes. This is an example of her speaking extemporaneously and she was called on it, and then she had to back track. This from the candidate we're told has the most experience.
  • Senator Clinton voted for President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act in 2001 and still supports it today according to her Senate page on education, while believing that President Bush has not provided enough funding, cutting the program's budget by $12 billion. However, in June 2007, with the Act up for renewal by Congress, she criticized the program. Time for another great quote in Political History: I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it. - Sen. John Kerry.
  • Clinton supports federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and voted in favor of the 2005 Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act that passed Congress but was vetoed by President Bush. She also voted for the 2007 bill with the same name that passed in Congress. As I've said previously, now that there's proof adult stem cells can be reprogrammed to act like embryonic stem cells, and still no evidence that actual embryonic stem cells have produced even a single cure for anything, perhaps the senator will rethink her position.

Political positions of Sen. Clinton sourced from Wikipedia; your input to any revisions / corrections is appreciated and will be acknowledged. My opinions (in red) are sourced as necessary.

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