Sunday, February 10, 2008

Great timing

It's about 12 degrees out now. Weather bulletins pinging every half hour.... high wind advisory, single digit temps, sub-zero wind chill. A routine February in NE Pennsylvania.

Then MetEd/GPU Energy robo-calls. Seems a car took out a utility pole. Well, it didn't take it all the way out, but enough it has to be replaced. Now.

At 8:05PM we were advised that we will lose power from 9:00 PM until 2:00 AM (approximately).

A pity I had planned to wrap up my work this evening, working possibly until 11 or so. Even with my UPS, that won't do at all. And let's not forget the wind!

Best I set my cell-phone to act as my bedside alarm clock... can't risk GPU running late. And I had better hit the shower now, too!

I tell you: I keep in a perpetual state of laughter.

UPDATE: They cut the power at 8:52... I know this because I was still in the shower at the time! Remember, I use a well, so while the pressure tank had enough for me to get rinced, it still was an annoying rush.

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