Sunday, February 17, 2008

Don't give up on people

A lesson for you about not giving up on people (you can hum High Hopes if you wish).

Two blogging favs of CotPT had been silent on their blogs and e-mail for far too long. I'm not talking weeks, I am talking many, many months. If you are curious out who I am speaking about, I invite you to click through my blog roll; I'm not saying you will know for certain, but it wouldn't hurt if you visited some of the blogs that I consider worthy of distinction.

So this week I decided to e-mail both of them; one on Friday, and - I swear - I was going to write to the other person on Saturday. Saturday afternoon I heard back from the first person. She's been going through some health issues, and apologized - to me - for not writing. Imagine: she's got her hands full, and she's going to apologize to me because she was busy. Nonsense (and I said as much to her).

Then late last evening, after becoming seemingly addicted to Triumph on (thanks, M!), I noticed the other pal had logged in to FB for the first time in many months. We've caught up by e-mail, at least for a start, as well.

The moral is: Never give up on people; sure, there's the odd chance they've moved on, or decided to pursue things than blogging. But then again, they may have some personal crap going on, and would really look forward to hearing from you. That reason, alone, is worth you dropping them an e-mail.

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