Thursday, February 28, 2008

Democratic Primaries winding down

Who would ever have thought, back in January, we'd be where we are today?

Back then, the safe bets were Sen. Clinton versus Mayor Giuliani.

I had to laugh; I visited an old e-mail account that I haven't been in regularly for years.

My old Yahoo! Mail had fallen out of favor in recent years; at one time, in a
former job, Y!Mail was accessible by AOL Mail wasn't, so I started doing all of
my personal mail there. Then I tasted GMail, and well... so much for

In my Yahoo! Mail I found an e-mail I sent to a colleague on February 5, 2000; back then, I listed a link to the FEC.GOV website where the soon to be elected Senator had already established a Presidential Campaign account. She had merely assumed to take over for Al Gore, no doubt.

I find it ironic that will likely protest Florida and Michigan delegates not being seated; in part, because this was supposed to be her coronation, that she has to fight for two states seems funny, and because the Howard Dean DNC is not counting the votes of - of all states - Florida! For the record, I believe the DNC is entitled to set its own rules, and enforce them. If Florida violated said rules, then so be it.

But you must admit, this is good, political theater.

shouldn't be counting on his victory quite yet. Mark my words... Sen. Clinton isn't finished, not yet. What else does she and her husband have to look forward to in their own lives if she fails? And

Wait for the convention.... just wait.

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