Monday, January 14, 2008

WOWIO: Free Books, Free Minds

Coming from me, you may find this hard to accept, but I have found a site that features books and it interests me!

No, really.

I've recently found, a site that features eBooks for free (well, as free as broadcast TV and radio, for the cost of a single, embedded ad). I learned of the site because they are offering PDF collections of Day by Day, a very funny and point-on web-toon. But I've started searching their other offerings and find some interesting reads from business (Power Outlook: Unleash the Power of Outlook), politics (When You Ride ALONE You (Still) Ride with bin Laden - Bill Maher), to science (The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe - Steven Hawkins).

Plus there's a vast collection of comics: Day by Day, Clive Barker's graphic novels, and more.

You're allowed to download only 3 per day, but other than an ad at the beginning of the file, they're free for your use.

Now these are PDFs for your desktop or smartphone; if you're not up to reading books in such a manner, this isn't for you. But you really should take a look to see their collection.

Clearly, this won't make me a reader, or rather, someone who enjoys reading, but it will provide a handy source of information and diversion for those times I am kept waiting in a doctor's office, for example...

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