Thursday, January 03, 2008

What's the difference?

Can anyone identify any major differences in any of the Democrat candidates?

Any one?

I've been trying, but they're all big government, high taxes, socialized medicine, defeatist (to various degrees) in the war on terror, and soft of illegal immigration. Where are any of them different?

On the GOP side, there is certainly differences in the candidates on a variety of these topics. Sadly, the differences are based on degrees of how Liberal these Republicans wish to present themselves (or rather, how Moderate). None of the GOP candidates are Conservatives in the model of Ronald Reagan, which is a shame based on the electoral victories Reagan and other Conservatives experienced.

Isn't the time honored chestnut still valid: Run toward the {Right | Left} to win the nomination, run toward the Center to win the general election ? If so, those GOP candidates who are trying to be Liberal-light, should they win the nomination, will not achieve the victory they are seeking.

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