Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quick Hits

With a current average of 89 page views per day1, including a visitor from Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Brussels, Belgium (Google map) interested in 24 - Season 6, it's more Quick Hits...

  • By now you've heard about the take-off of Weekend At Bernies where two guys wheeled a dead guy to a check-cashing site... but did you hear the one about the guy who went to a brothel and found his wife worked there?? Talk about awkward moments. At least he can't accuse her of being lazy.... H/T MacRanger.
  • Washington Times: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a complaint with federal prosecutors accusing the Louisiana Democrat of violating bribery law by sponsoring a $2 million earmark for Voyager Expanded Learning just four days after the education firm helped give her $30,000 in campaign contributions."Senator Landrieu appears to have traded a $2 million earmark for $30,000 in campaign contributions," said Melanie Sloan, CREW's executive director. "Members of Congress need to understand that trading earmarks for campaign funds is illegal -- no exceptions." Remind me again: wasn't the new Congress going to drain the swamp on these earmarks and corruption??
  • Parking Meters Now Take Plastic:
    WNEP-Scranton: There is a new way to pay for parking in Danville (PA) and it doesn't involve pocket change. Introducing the Danville parking card, valued at increments of $30, $60 or $90 dollars.

    "Sometimes I don't have change and you have to go hunting for it. This way you can keep it in your car. If you're down here every day, you work here, it just makes sense just buy a $30, $60 or $90 card. It saves everyone a lot of time and headache," said Matson Pierce, owner of Mulberry's Restaurant.
    I must be old: I remember putting dimes into parking meters. But really: $90 for a parking debit card??
  • Justices Appear Reluctant to Strike Voter ID Requirement: Every time I read about the Voter ID issue I scratch my head, wondering what the hell are they thinking?

    The classic redress goes like this: you can't walk into a Blockbuster and rent a DVD without ID, why shouldn't you show one to vote? I can't improve on that, really.

    Yes, homeless people do have a problem in this area, but every person recieving public assistance has to show some kind of ID, so that will suffice. And if you don't have ID, you shouldn't vote. Or, we adopt the Iraqi method of purple fingers... either way, there can be no reason why we shouldn't get a handle on voting abuse.
  • Its never too early for Easter Eggs: From LockerGnome:
    Go into Google and type in the answer to life the universe and everything.
    Go to the Google home page and type in xx-klingon, then hit “I’m feeling lucky.”
    Go to the Google home page and type in Google Easter Egg and hit “I’m feeling lucky.”
    Go to the Google home page and type in xx-elmer and hit “I’m feeling lucky.”
    Go to Google home page and type in xx-hacker and hit “I’m feeling lucky.”

1 I know: compared to many blogs, that's not exactly an impressive number. But hey, it's my blog, and I like it.

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