Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter looks for a fight against the Boy Scouts

AlexC at PA WATERCOOLER posts an interview with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, by Chris Freind, who write the column Freindly Fire in The Bulletin :

Freindly Fire: With regard to the {Cradle of Liberty} Boy Scout-City controversy, is there a way to rectify this issue? (The city has eliminated the $1/year lease provision for the Boy Scouts’ offices in a landmark Philadelphia building, under the rationale that the organization discriminates because it won’t allow homosexual scouts and scout leaders). The Boy Scouts do such a wonderful job with young boys, especially minorities, who would otherwise be out on the streets. This issue plays to the heart of public opinion in that the City seems to care more about persecuting Boy Scouts than it does about its streets awash in blood. What can be done to preserve their good work? Would you reverse this decision?

Mayor Nutter: The optimal solution is for the local Boy Scouts to change their policies so that they are not discriminatory against anyone for any reason whatsoever. Short of that…the other discussion going on is that they should pay full market rate for rent for their property because the government should not subsidize discriminatory practices. So as far as I’m concerned, it’s really one or the other: change your policy, or pay full market rent.

So it would appear any hopes for a reasonable solution from Mayor Nutter are dim. Based on his idea, BSA should immediately remove all restrictions for membership whatsoever. Boys, girls, it doesn't matter. Heck, why have any background check on any adult leader at all? That would only discriminate against someone.

The fact remains that what Mayor Nutter is proposing is the disolving of the local Boy Scout Council; you cannot call yourself a Boy Scout if you do not adhere to the National Charter. But according to Mayor Nutter, there should be no restriction on membership whatsoever.

Responding to Mayor Nutter's comments, PA Watercooler posted a reply from Kevin Kelly, one of it's readers:

Is {Mayor Nutter} saying that if they now agree to pay fair market value it’s OK to “discriminate”? They just have to pay for the privilege of discriminating?? Does a grubby fist full of hundreds each month make it OK? I thought this was a high moral stance by the city? Can I now pay a fee to discriminate in my business??

The fact is, sexual orientation is not a protected class under the law so it is therefore impossible (in a legal sense) to discriminate against homosexuals or on the basis of sexual orientation. This is why they didn’t bring suit.

{The Cradle of Liberty Council} should force them to pull the Boy Scouts out by force, one-by-one, kicking and screaming. That would paint a great picture of the new “Mayor of change”. The Democrats wouldn’t dare. They know this is a political loser for them but are confident the minority party doesn’t have the courage to make any hay out of it, and hasn’t done much of anything for years. Maybe they will start with this case? It is an absolute moral disgrace veiled under the bogus leftist mantra of “tolerance” and should be challenged very publicly.

I guess the Mayor's actions are just another example of tolerance we've all been hearing...

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