Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paul Sorvino shops where we shop

While grocery shopping this evening, standing in line in front of us was none other than Paul Sorvino.

MBH remarked that the last time she saw Mr. Sorvino, some 6 years ago, she was in another supermarket that we - and apparently he, no longer shop at. Back then, our son (about 6 years old at that time) struck up a conversation with him, not knowing who he was. That Mr. Sorvino would entertain a conversation with a small lad shows his friendliness. \

After he left tonight, and when I reached the check-out gal, I said sheepishly, "Sorry, I am no one famous."

The young girl beamed "Oh my God, did you see him??? He was right here!!"

Yes he was.

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