Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampshire

The win in New Hampshire is an excellent and well earned reason for Sen. Clinton and her supporters to celebrate.  So, too, does Sen. Obama and his staff.

But then get back to work. Because the race has only visited three states, the primary process is far from over.

The same goes for Sen. McCain who is also riding a well deserved high. But anyone who thinks the race is over is kidding themselves.

I am debating revealing which candidate I am supporting before even the Pennsylvania primary. The fact is there is not one candidate that I can find no fault with. Unlike many voters (and perhaps a candidate or two), I am very much aware that there is no heir to Ronald Reagan's legacy running this cycle. Some come close, but as I've raised in this humble blog many times over, a candidate running on an honest and strong Conservative platform, that candidate will win handily.

You ask for evidence? Ronald Reagan's back-to-back landslides, followed by George H. Bush's re-election loss to Bill Clinton due to, in no small part, Ross Perot. President Bush went off the Conservative farm with a tax increase and the belief he was entitled to win re-election.

Sen. Dole acted, too, that he was entitled to win, and again Ross Perot hurt his chances (remember: Bill Clinton never won 50% or more of the popular vote).

George W. Bush played a good game, acting Conservative, or what he called as a Compassionate Conservative, and thereby insulting all, true Conservatives. By implying Conservatives, as a whole, weren't compassionate, Mr. Bush found a way to use the philosophy without actually pledging to its values. Cases in point: federal spending, Medicare drug plan, lack of border security.

I have and still do support President Bush, do not get me wrong. Were he to run for a third term, I wouldn't be so easily inclined to vote for him over one of the current candidates who are decidedly more Conservative than he (of course, when compared to Sen. John Kerry in 2004, it was an easy decision).

Many Republicans think they can do the same thing as President Bush did: claim conservative values, without really buying into them;  they are doing themselves a disservice.

I'll withhold my choice for now; there's something to be said about supporting the Party regardless of who wins, but there's certainly at least one candidate I would hate to be the nominee.

Stay tuned for Michigan.

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