Monday, January 14, 2008

How could the Clintons offend blacks?

When considering the praise heaped upon President Bill Clinton by Toni Morrison, who called him America's first black president, it is hard to imagine Mr. Clinton could, in fact, offend blacks.

Last week, in a speech made on behalf of his wife, the Democratic candidate, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Mr. Clinton spoke in regards to her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama:


Clearly, the reference to fairy tale was not to Sen. Obama's overall campaign, but for rather the charges his campaign were making against Sen. Clinton's (at least in the view of Mr. Clinton).

What Mr. Clinton said here is no more racist than what Ross Perot said in 1992 when he referred to an audience at the NAACP convention as "you people," which was deemed insensitive by the media (thus demonstrating how the media has extended their job from reporting news to deeming how sensitive the words people use).

Some readers, I imagine, are checking for flying pigs outside right about now. I just defended President Clinton!

On Sunday's Meet The Press, Sen. Clinton was defending herself to Tim Russert (in one of the few times Mr. Russert actually held her feet to the fire throughout the interview). Sen. Clinton explained the comments she made in regards to Dr. Martin Luther King in that even Dr. King campaigned for Lyndon Johnson's presidential campaign, as he recognized the need for partners in the political system. You can follow the link, above, to read her position.

What should be noted but isn't often presented: With no disrespect whatsoever for Dr. King's civil rights efforts:

President Lyndon Johnson, himself, noted that an overwhelming majority of Republicans as well as Democrats voted for it which is important when you consider the Republicans were in the minority in the Congress at that time. The Civil Rights Act would not have become law had the Republicans in Congress voted for it; keep that in mind the next time someone claims the GOP is the party of racists.

President Clinton,
Sen. Clinton,
Sen. Obama,

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