Friday, December 21, 2007

Sleigh bells ring, are you glistening....

Am sitting here, writing out Christmas cards. No, really. By the time I get these to the post office, it'll be a scant 2-1/2 days to get them to their destination. Obviously, they'll likely get there late, but hey there are supposed to be 12 days of Christmas, right?

But I am getting into the spirit; am listening to XM (via AOL) and am pleased to be listening to Artists Confidential with Mannheim Steamroller Live. Can't get much better than that.

I took a break earlier to respond to a post about the infamous Christmas Letter, you know those lengthy stories about where you and your family has been since the last Christmas? (See Black Belt Momma)

We don't do those; if we're close enough (and not necessarily geographically) to get real a Christmas card from us, you know where we are in life, how the kids are, etc. And in many cases, the only time I hear from many of the people who write these things is when they write them!

Others seem like PR people wrote them.
Little Susie started preschool this year and she is already working on quantum physics. Johnny Jr. is the starting quarterback for his peewee football team and we hear the Steelers are looking to sign him.
Please; be real.

If you're not typically staying in touch during the year, why try to catch up in December?

Gotta get back to cards; they won't write themselves!

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