Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sensible ideas on curbing illegal immigration

Jay Tea at Wizbang discusses new laws on the state level, on how they can greatly reduce the illegal alien population:

If enough states -- especially those with a significant illegal alien population -- start cracking down on some of the economic underpinnings of the illegal alien system (i.e. employers local to those states), we will find we don't need to deport 12 million/15 million/20 million/2.7 kajillion illegal aliens. The vast majority of them will simply deport themselves.

Couple that with cutting or eliminating public benefits afforded to illegal aliens (welfare, housing assistance, food stamps, etc.) and resisting measures that will make it easier for them to assimilate into society (no drivers' licenses, etc.), and we'll find that the number of illegal aliens left behind will be minimal.

And the closing point is one I've stated many times before in this humble blog:

I am very much in favor of a fairly open-door policy on immigration. But a door standing by itself is pretty meaningless -- whether it's open or closed is largely irrelevant if one can choose to simply walk around it. An open door, attached to a strong wall and closed windows, is an invitation to come in -- but on our terms.

Read the rest and defend your opposition to these common sense ideas.

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