Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Quick Hits

The freezing rain overnight made the early morning a nuisance.... that it is Monday only compounds the headache. Then, the alarm keypad at the office failed, causing the alarm company to be alerted of an alleged break-in. I haven't been arrested yet but the day's not over, either...

On the upside:

  • Don Imus made his return to radio and RFD-TV: today's guests include Sens. John McCain and Chris Dodd, Mary Matlin & James Carville, presidential historian Dr. Doris Kearnes-Goodwin, and the great Levon Helms Band. With all due respect to Curtis Sliwa and company: he has never delivered a guest list like that! Many of Imus' loyal sponsors have returned.... it's only a matter time to see if the ratings follow (and I predict they will), and the entire horrible incident will be in the past.
  • Philadelphia Boy Scouts hold their ground: The Washington Post reports the Cradle of Liberty Council in Philadelphia will not concede to the City's demands. This will wind up in court, no doubt, unless Mayor-elect Michael Nutter challenges the order of the City Solicitor... time will tell.

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