Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Maybe its a trust thing...

Another post about my martial arts training... move on if you aren't interested....

We periodically engage in a stretch that I actively step out of whenever it comes up. Two students of similar height stand back-to-back, arms pointing straight over their heads. Students then grasp each other hands, and then take turns where one student bends forward, at the waist, lifting the other student's feet off the ground. This is supposed to make one's back feel good.

I took one look at this stretch and announced I'm out! The idea of having my hands restrained (for lack of a better term) and relying on my colleague to lift me off my feet sounds completely untenable, and anything but relaxing.

I realize I am in a similar position at other times, such as using a bar for chin-ups, but at that point I control my destiny, and can drop to the floor whenever I want. Not so when someone else is holding my hands. And if this guys back were to give out, where does that leave me?

Conversely, I am willing to lift my colleague in the prescribed manner. Obviously, this causes some discussion whenever this particular stretch is used.

Maybe I am lacking in trust, or perhaps others are too trusting.

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