Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Making My Mark

I opened a small package that came in yesterday's mail, and was caught completely off guard.

Makers Mark Sealing KitInside was a small wax candle and an impression tool, used to seal envelopes with a unique mark. In this case, it was a Maker's Mark, from the maker of that fine Kentucky Bourbon. This is not some chatchski to used once and lost/forgotten. This is a wooden small handled1 tool for sealing documents to ensure no one reads, as in the days before proper adhesives were developed.

I normally do not like receiving gifts, but I was very impressed at the thoughtfulness of their give-away; it will be displayed on my desktop. Makes being a member of their Ambassador's Club all the more worthwhile.

Note to self: stop off for a bottle of their fine bourbon this week!

On one of my colleague's desk was the following USB-powered figurine:

Ice Figures Warming Themselves?

Am I reading too much into this, or are ice-people warming themselves in front of a fire?

Just asking.

1 It isn't wooden, but it looks great regardless.

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