Saturday, December 15, 2007

Leaky pipes

So today was one of those I'm going shopping, you stay with the kids.  MBH and her sister take these all-day (and some times all-night) shopping binges.   Her sister (hereinafter SIL) lives alone, and so MBH spends a lot of time with her.   With Christmas on the horizon, today's shopping is all for presents, no doubt.

About 2 hours ago they stopped at SILs house to regroup, and that's when they noticed the water leak.  From the description they gave me, a feeder pipe to the furnace is leaking.

Not a huge lead, at least according to the first report, but a concern nonetheless.  SIL called her oil company, who told her - now get this - they aren't licenced to work on heating units.   

HUH?  The only experience I have with oil furnaces was the flat we rented for about 2 years.... 17 years ago.   Every house I've lived in before that had a gas furnace, and this house has a coal stove (with electric baseboard just-in-case).  So I am lost to recommend anything.   SIL called her plumber... he's not licenced either.  WTF?   So he tells her (get this), to turn off the heat and wait for Monday.

Turn off the heat, in December, with a NorEaster bearing down?   Time to find a new oil company.  

Then my MBH calls to tell me there's a bulge in the downstairs ceiling.   This is not going to wait.

A few phone calls later and she has a licenced plumber/heating guy coming over.   

Here's a catch. There's always a catch, right?

SIL has to be on-call for her Radiology Tech job, starting at midnight.   So if this guy can't fix things soon (and he's only on his way there now),  I'm going to have to head over there in case she gets paged (and you gotta believe ol' Murphy is just waiting in the wings).

Oh, and did I mention the Nor'Easter?  Yep, its going to be a long night....

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