Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've had a hard days night...

..and I feel as if I was working like a dog.1

So late yesterday I traded places with my MBH to attend to her sister (SIL) and her plumbing - furnace - whatever problem. It wasn't the furnace at all... last summer SIL had to have a water softener put in because she had a number of leaky pipes in the course of a year. I pegged it as the same kind of problem I had a few years back (here and here). Needless to say, when I offered my experience and advice to call my plumber, SIL called her own. That her plumber cost at least 50% more than my guy, took twice as long and did - in my estimation - a sloppy job with the pipes is fodder for another post.

Be that as it may - the story went like this... the oil dealer is not licensed to do plumbing; when she described the problem to the same idiots plumbers who robbed her last time said they don't work on heating systems. So SIL called around to find someone willing to come out on a Saturday night (and for the hourly rate, that really wasn't hard to do) and found someone who took her description over the phone and came over (once again, for whatever reason, she didn't call my plumber). The guy replaced a few pipes in the ceiling over the laundry room (adjacent to the furnace room) and was done by midnight. I, of course, was en route already, so I hung out while he worked.

Yeah, that's my job, I know.

Of course, since I was getting second-hand descriptions of the problem in the first place, I couldn't tell her original crooks plumbers that it wasn't a heating system, etc. How it was considered to be the furnace is still a mystery, but that's another story all together.

So I left her home around 12:30, just before she left for work (they paged her) and came home in the middle of the snow/freezing rain. I admit I had fun driving in it, but that's just me.

Slept in a bit this morning, and then - are you ready? - went back to SIL's house to let her dog out and use her snow blower on her driveway (she was still working since the page last night -- while I applaud her dedication to her trade, there's something wrong with a Rad-Tech being on-call every other weekend and subjected to these kinds of hours). By then, the 4" of snow had a good, thick coating of ice on it, so it took some effort to clear. That the clouds broke up and some sunlight appeared did help with the chore.

But Charlie.... when did you clean your driveway?

After I got home, around 4PM, silly. Of course, by that time, naturally, the sun had set and I was back to my ice-breaking.

SIL is not a bad person, but she lived with her folks all of her life, and is not yet used to doing for herself. She is selfless where her work is concerned, but a bit of stick in the mud when it comes to home care. No talk of her selling and getting a condo can ever be mentioned, and so long as I don't want to deal with debating with MBH, this isn't going to change any time soon.

All I know is, when the time comes in 30 or more years, I better go first!

1 Is it me, or do most dogs lead lazy lives? Conundrum, don't you think?

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