Monday, December 10, 2007

Imus begins week 2

Don Imus started his second week back, sounding every bit as good as he did last spring. Everyone assumed last week would be on-target, and it was (with the possible exceptions of some technical glitches on Tuesday), but so far his second week has the same caliber of guests as he used to host, and the advertises seem pretty much the same as in early April. Now will the ratings follow?

Time will tell, but many see his adopting two additional co-hosts, Karith Foster and Tony Powell a big change for the show. As a long-time listener, I do not think the fact they are there is monumental. In the past, Imus had Sid Rosenburg and either Janice Dean (now a Fox News meteorologist) or Tracy Burgess (WFAN Traffic Reporter) as part of the regular cast. So adding Karith and Tony - who are both funny and both bring good conversation to their mics - ought alleviate any one's lame suggestion Imus caved in hiring them.

I find it funny that MSNBC still lists Imus' Bio on their site and only recently removed the affiliate list from the now defunct Daily Imus. I guess their webmaster is behind the times...

Surprisingly, Curtis Sliwa - who lost his highly rated morning show in the rehire of Imus - is still making silly comments about his broadcasting from a broom closet of an auxiliary studio. This surprises me, because Curtis made a very professional sign-off on the Friday of his last 5 hour show, and then started Monday morning griping about his studio. No one wants to lose their job, especially when they were doing it so well; but to keep bitching about the studio sounds, to me at least, petty.

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