Sunday, December 09, 2007

How not to spend a Sunday

Last year I described the headaches of using a credit union located some 80-odd miles from where I live. It's a great banking institution overall, just out of the way.

My Debit card stopped working last week. Well, 10 days ago. Seems I never realized my old one expired 11-07. I found out when I went to debit a transaction. OK, so I paid cash for that transaction, went home and got the new card out of the bill box. I called the toll-free number and activated it.

So today I stopped at a to grab some cash. I'm told my PIN is wrong. Huh? The PIN is one ingrained in my brain. WTF?

Much to my chagrin, MBH never - ever - activated her Debit card. So neither of us have ready access to cash. And we're both dry.

I called the CU, knowing they couldn't do me anything over the phone. Fortunately, they're open Sundays.

Oh, and we're getting an ice storm to our region starting Sunday morning. Were it not for that, she'd be in the car with me, to get her card activated.

So how is your Sunday shaping up?

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