Sunday, December 23, 2007

Final daze

A quick update as Christmas approaches:
  • Fam Christmas party I : Does anyone else see the irony in what had to be one of the longest days in my recent history took place yesterday, on the Solstice, which happened to be the shortest day of the year?

  • I should be able to post a few times this week; I work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and heaven knows there's not a lot of work going on this week.

  • I purposely haven't posted much about the Presidential Primaries; the well-discussed schedule being so accelerated, I can't see how anyone can speak with any authority about predictions. I could, of course, suggest Congressman Ron Paul doesn't stand a chance because Republicans Libertarians - like all third party candidates - would lack any support at all in Congress, thus making himself a tough-sell to the electorate. But at this stage of the Primary Process, the only reason why I would make such a post is to see what kind of traffic such a phrase (above) would direct to my humble blog.

    Stay tuned.

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