Thursday, December 20, 2007

Family Christmas, Part I

I'm taking a vacation day Friday. Amazing, isn't it?

With but 2 exceptions, I haven't taken a day off all year. I've taken plenty of working remotely days, days in which I worked either from home or on th road -- have cell phone and wireless broadband in my laptop, will travel. It's about time I start using some vacation days, so I'm taking off tomorrow and next Friday. Why only two, a week apart?

Being a Team Lead, I have to balance coverage for the Help Desk. Now we all know NO ONE - especially in Defense - is likely to be working next week, so it will be incredibly slow. But both of my team members wanted time off - Irene wanted off Monday and Wednesday, Jack wanted just Wednesday. So I'll cover their time, and have two, long weekends1.

Tomorrow we begin in earnest to deck our halls.... gotta give Santa an appropriate greeting and tree. A pity it's once again last-minute..

This Saturday is my in-laws Christmas. This will be an incredibly annoying kind of party; too many people unrelated to family at what is billed as a family get together, and half of the group isn't speaking to the other half - but they all talk to me and MBH. There's probably not enough bourbon to make this day go smoothly...

Next weekend is my family's gathering, also in Queens. That'll be another post next week...

1Lest there be any doubt, no, Irene and Jack are not their real names.

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