Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Meme

Well. what do you know? I've been tagged in another meme! And yet I almost missed it! Diane at A Stellarlife has tagged me, so I am bound to play. But I am so behind in my reading, I would have missed it if not for the Blogger web comments icon in FireFox. I honestly never clicked it before today! It may be a plug in.... I don't know.

Regardless... I am obliged:

  1. Do you put up a real tree or artificial? We have, in the past, done both! Artificial inside the house, and a natural on the deck. This year we'll have one indoors (coal-stove heat is not the best environment for a real tree)

  2. When do you put up your tree? The weekend before Christmas. This year, we're shooting for the 15th.

  3. When do you take down the tree? Gotta wait for them wise men to get there! Little Christmas, or Jan 6.

  4. Do you like eggnog? There's always enough Bourbon/Whiskey about to make it tasty!

  5. Favorite gift received as a child? Mattel's Electronic Football II (still have it)

  6. Worst Christmas gift ever received? Could there be such a thing?

  7. Favorite Christmas movie? I've come to love Bill Murray's Scrooged. Dicken's Christmas Carol is always a favorite, in whatever interpretation (including Mr. Magoo's)

  8. Have you ever recycled a present? Not in recent memory, but I did give away a bottle of Brandy (back before my tastes were more mature) to my father.

  9. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Riccotta pie.

  10. Favorite Christmas song? As mentioned in this blog, I am very partial to Old City Bar and Christmas in Sarejvo by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Manheim Steamroller's version of Silent Night is a classic song favorite.

  11. Most annoying thing about this time of year? Time can't stand still

  12. What you love most about the holiday? The intended sharing of joy with friends and loved one; it doesn't always happen that way, tho....

  13. How many reindeer did Santa have? 214,200. Hey, don't argue with me, SPY Magazine ran the numbers.

  14. Best Christmas memory? The Christmas Eve when MBH accepted a wild proposal.

  15. If you could have one Christmas wish what would it be? That we all could just get along. Yeah, I copied Diane's answer, but it does work well.

Self-tagging any who read this!

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