Tuesday, November 27, 2007

WordPress users: have you got your guide yet?

I am so way behind on posts - my draft list is up to 5 now - that I decided it's time to knock one off:

If you are a WordPress user, or if you know a WordPress user, then I have an item to scratch off your Christmas or Holiday shopping list: WordPress for Dummies.

Now I know some of you folks bristle at for Dummies distinction, but you shouldn't. WP for Dummies is, indeed, for beginners and experienced users alike. There's something for everyone, and if you use WP I wager you will find tips and tricks you didn't know existed. I am an IT professional, and I have more than one for Dummies on my bookshelf.

Now I know what you're thinking: if I am Blogger.com user, why I am promoting WP? One of the big two reasons why is because the author, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, has been linked to this humble blog under my Blogs of Distinction blogroll for several years, and she is an all around good soul (And, in the interest of full disclosure: she promised to autograph my copy once I mail it to her).

The single biggest reason? It's a well written book! Don't believe me? Read chapter excerpts and links to reviews here. The book has been available for about a month now, so all of the usual outlets should have it already, but of course you can find it online Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobel, Books-A-Million, Dummies.Com and Wiley.Com.

Are you into e-books? It's available at Wiley.

You have my word: it is a well-written guide!!

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