Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wake Up With Whoopi put ratings to sleep


Though "Wake Up With Whoopi" continues in syndication through Premiere, which tells Radio-Info "we're disappointed with WKTU's decision, but we look forward to continuing our production and distribution" of the show. Clear Channel launched the actress and comedian into morning syndication in late July 2006, and her site lists nine affiliates. The New York drop at WKTU (103.5) comes after the show lost Clear Channel-owned affiliates in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Can't say I am surprised. As I've said before: to be successful in commercial radio, you need talent and something people are willing to pay for (via sponsors) in order to hear.

Now, if you have a bag a cash from frantic supporters, it doesn't matter how poor your overall content is, or whether you having any ratings or not (e.g:AirAmerica Radio).

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