Friday, November 16, 2007

The Return of Imus: Live from Town Hall

Good news to all die-hard Imus fans (many of whom have found your way to my humble blog these last few weeks):

Attend the historic, first WABC broadcast of Imus in the Morning
77 WABC Presents Imus In The Morning
with The Levon Helm Band
Live from Town Hall in New York City
on Monday Morning, December 3, 2007
6:00AM to 10:00AM

Ticket price: $100.00
The total ticket price of $100.00 will be donated to the Imus Ranch for Kids With Cancer.

More details and ordering at Imus Ranch Foods . As much of a lackey-toadie-sycophant I am for the I-man, it's too rich for my blood (and I can't spare the loss time). But it is good to see Citadel/WABC is backing his charitable efforts as well as his bringing him back to the airwaves.

I can't quite fathom why 77/WABC cut Ron Kuby, only to be replaced by a co-host du jour for Curtis Sliwa. I understand why WABC has loyalty to Curtis, but to have a somewhat rotating co-host - most often Attorney Jeffry Licthman or other WABC host Mark Simone - doesn't make sense to me since Curtis and Kuby did so well in their time slot as a pair.

It's not that I am angry they got cut for Imus; Curits & Kuby are fine talk hosts, but have never been my morning-drive favorite (I did like them in the evening). And I get why the parent company, Citadel, can enforce their domain and bump C&K for Imus.

But why did Kuby get shoved out the door several weeks ahead of time? It doesn't make sense.

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