Saturday, November 03, 2007

Overdue acknowledgement

I am sorely overdue for posting these acknowledgments, and there is no one to blame but myself.

In this world of bloggers (remember: I don't like the term blogosphere) I've been fortunate enough to meet (virtually speaking) a number of fine people, of all political stripes. Spend some time clicking in blogroll in the right margin (go on... you know you want to) or check my feed list, you'll see that despite my Conservative positions, I do read a lot of stuff on all sides.

But that's enough about my reading. Among the many cyber-pals I am flattered to have garnered over these years:
  • Alex C of PA Watercooler (and Three Sources) took time out of his day to give me a birthday greeting on Thursday. For all interested in discussions of Politics, especially related to the Keystone State, be sure to visit and bookmark PA Watercooler.

  • Kim Lucas, like Alex, was undoubtedly alerted to my birthday the same way (dang that FB profile), and also sent me a greeting. She's the kind of person I envision all top-shelf doctors to be/should be: caring, hard working, and a little nutty (in the good sense). She's on her way to that degree, and the patient world will be a better place when she gets there.
These greetings were flattering and certainly a pleasant surprise.

To them, I raise a toast of thanks. To all others, follow the links and send them a hit or two.

It sorta-kinda makes me feel guilty for not putting my real birth date in that profile.

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