Friday, November 02, 2007

An Oath of Service

I am grateful for the world of blogs (I am sooo tired of the term blogosphere) for helping to educate me.

Jay Tea at Wizbang describes the Foreign Service office that has been the focal point of some attention this week, and about those who commit themselves to the service:

[The] Foreign Service Officers have more than a little in common with military officers. Both have commissions, both take oaths of service, and both (in theory) understand that they may be sent pretty much anywhere in the world as their services are needed.

There are major differences, though. As I understand it, only a single State Department employee has been killed in Iraq, and he was not a Foreign Service Officer. Also, FSOs can resign their commission at any time, and apply to another part of the State Department or leave the Department entirely.

It seems that not only I was ignorant of the roles and responsibilities of the FSOs, but apparently so were many of the people who took their oath of office to be one! Why else would they stand before their director in defiance of their oaths?

Read more here, especially if you're as ignorant as I was in regards to this important office.

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