Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Homestretch for Curtis Sliwa's morning show

A few short days until the return of J. D. Imus to the radio; for Imus' fans, the wait has been long enough.

For many in the greater NYC area, it's the end of Curtis Sliwa's reign in morning radio (similarly, other morning hosts in the various Citadel markets are also being displaced). While I have a lot of respect for Curtis (and his now-former partner, Ron Kuby), their show never gained my appreciation. Even though I was born and bred in NYC, I craved a more nationwide appeal than the typical local fare they offered. Still, their jobs being lost because of Imus' return is most unfortunate. Today's NY DAILY NEWS details how the show was once again ranked #3 in the NY Market - AM and FM. Citadel is banking on Imus' nationwide draw to make these changes profitable; I predict they will win that bet easily.

No specific word has yet been said about Curtis' next gig. It had been rumored he would be teamed up with the midday host (John Gambling), but that slot lasts only 2:45 -- a far cry from his present 5 hour show.

As recently as Sunday, I heard an on-air ad for the John Gambling show, featuring news guy George Weber. No mention at all of Sliwa; certainly. George Weber must feel completely lost; with Charles McCord coming on board with Imus, there's nothing for him in the morning anymore. And with the rest of the syndicated hosts throughout the day/evening, there's nothing left for him. Strangely, Weber's own site has been silent on his future.

Warner Wolf's fate is still unknown, but he's in the best position to join Imus' team. Wolf had been a regular on Imus in years past, but left radio to take a TV gig (which, unfortunately for him, was short-lived). So he may have been offered to join Imus' team once again.

Even as I reside in a rural community, my local cable doesn't carry RFD-TV, which will be simulcasting Imus; wouldn't it be ironic that RFD pull the same (if not greater) ratings than MSNBC did, or even does today??

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