Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fear and loathing at Q&A

There has been A LOT of ink concerning Sen. Hillary Clinton taking a prepared question (or two).

First off, I am not seeing this a crime of the century. We do expect more from our top-tier candidates (especially one who claims so-much experience), but I am not so naive not to expect handlers to help give soft-balls to their candidates. This is not to say I would be so easy on alleged respective journalists doing the same thing, since theirs is a profession where being unbiased part of their stock and trade.

Be that as it may, what is interesting is when the words of Mrs. Clinton are studied a bit more than the set-up would have you expect.

To refresh your memory (paraphrased):

Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff: As a young person, I am worried about the effects of Global Warming...

Sen. Clinton: Well you should be worried...

So if we get beyond the fact that Ms. Gallo-Chasanoff was a plant, we can focus on Sen. Clinton's answer: you should be worried.

Aren't the political foes of President Bush always talking about he and his administration are always trying to frighten the electorate into doing his bidding?

How is it when a duly-elected (and re-elected) President speaks of legitimate threats (backed by our international allies), it's considered a lie. But when a political foe refers to an hugely unsubstantiated and widely disputed issue (i.e. global warming) as something to be feared, it goes by, seemingly unchallenged?

You know who should be concerned? Ms. Gallo-Chasanoff; her collegiate career is in severe trouble, once the well-known majority of Left-leaning professors get through with her grades.

Sources: Huffington Post, The Nation, CampaignIran.org, Weather Channel Founder says Global Warming is Hoax

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