Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Day

It's Election Day! So it isn't a major election this year; that doesn't relieve you of your duty and responsibility as a citizen to exercise your right to vote. Never forget those purple-fingered citizens of Iraq in their voting efforts!

A quick look about at ballots:

  • Few Pennsylvania state-wide ballots: It ought to be pretty easy to cast my vote later this evening. All I have to vote for a bunch of judges and sheriff. In particular, Justice Tom Saylor is running to retain in the PA State Supreme Court. Justice Saylor has ruled fairly, in particular in cases involving cyber-charter schools, and deserves to keep his seat in the face of the challenges funded by teacher unions.

    Philadelphia has a mayoral race; I confess I haven't paid too much attention there as my travels no longer take me into the city that often. Anyone who can get the murder rate in the City of Brotherly Love lower than that of Anbar Province deserves to replace the disgraceful outgoing Mayor John Street.
  • Connecticut makes history today: No, it's not about hanging chads (see humorous off-topic link), but rather about progress:
    Connecticut Post Online: Tuesday's election will be the first time that optical scan machines, the most prevalent voting technology in the country, will be used statewide.

    Although some voters may mourn the passing of the aquamarine lever voting machine, which was first used in the state in 1932, election officials and political experts say it's time for a better way of casting and counting votes.
  • NJ looks to protect the right of idiots to vote. In the words of Dave Barry: I am not making this up.
  • NJ looks to fund embryonic stem-cell research: Every couple of years this comes around. Today is no different than the last times I spoke on this, except I have even more ammo to defend my position.

    Let me make some definitive statements, all of which are facts, followed by a few questions.:
  • I have a loved one who affected by spinal-cord and nerve damage. That gives me no more rights than anyone else, but since supporters of embryonic stem-cell research always ask what if you have a loved one affected? I thought I'd throw it into the discussion early on.
  • President Bush has never made embryonic stem-cell research illegal. He merely denied federal funding of it; private investors are free to do as they wish.
  • NJ's Governor John Corzine ran on a campaign that his business acumen would benefit the state.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are always looking for the next big thing, more often than not without any government financing incentives. Many pharmaceutical giants are based in NJ, particularly in northeastern corner of the state.
  • Adult stem-cell research has produced at least 72 benefits to patients, including those afflicted with spinal injury, nerve damage and Parkinson's disease (source).
  • Embryonic stem-cell research has produced 0 benefits to patients (source, source).
  • Now a few questions:

  • What pharmaceutical companies are endorsing government funding of stem-cell research?
  • Does anyone think savvy stock investors would hesitate a moment to invest in this potential market if there was a reasonable chance of success?
  • Does anyone know what investment, if any, Gov. Corzine has made into the field of stem-cell research?

Get out and vote today! If you are legally registered (i.e. a legal citizen) don't let anyone disenfranchise your right!


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