Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The agenda of the Speaker Pelosi still remains unclear

UPDATED: see end:

It's been since January that Speaker Pelosi has held the gavel in the US House of Representatives, and prior today, there have been 41 bills passed to begin defunding the Iraq war, and only one made it to President Bush's desk (which was predictably, promptly vetoed).

Tonight, this bulletin came in:


So Speaker Pelosi has failed, yet again, to attach strings to the Commander in Chief's Constitutionally protected efforts.


Could it be that despite the rhetoric, Mrs. Pelosi and her Democrats know that the war was and remains necessary, and in fact is proving successful?

Maybe the story we've been fed all year, that the November 2006 election was a message to bring the troops home now wasn't as loud as some would have made you think.

Updated 9:00, 15-Nov

OK, I was wrong: After all of the years I've been blogging, you'd think I would have read the entire story before posting last night. But I was sore, tired (my workouts are hell) and just out of a shower, and while I have no one to blame but myself, I should have read the story before voicing my opinion. I could easily delete the post, but I would rather own up to my mistake and move forward.

That much said, even if the bill (referred to above) passes the Senate, there's no chance in hell it will ever get signed by President Bush, nor will the votes be there to override it.

Further reading states that the Bill specifically calls for prisoner treatment that is in-line with the Geneva Conventions. What is missing is that the Bill's supporters only want to follow part of the Geneva Conventions; the parts that outline what a lawful combatant is, and what treatment those prisoners are entitled to receive (as opposed to unlawful combatants) is always overlooked.

That Speaker Pelosi couldn't persuade 15 members of her own party to vote in favor of this retreat bill (the final vote came 218-203) speaks volumes about her leadership abilities in the House.

This 110th Congress will go down in history as the Congress that got nothing, substantial, accomplished.

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