Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why SCHIP is full of ..... pork

I've been taking some verbal heat (and a little e-mail complaints, too) about my opposition to SCHIP.

Here are reasons why I oppose the Democrat plan for the program:

  • The Poster Boy for the SCHIP program, Graeme Frost, is a fraud. 12 year old Graeme was trotted out to speak against President Bush's explanation on why he vetoed the bill. He claimed, I just want children in my circumstance to be able to get the health care I got. Well guess what? He's not affected by the veto; and kids who are in similar circumstances to his are already covered, and continue to be covered. It's a ruse! How can anyone argue with a kid?

  • The plan, as is, covers the poor and those above the poverty line; there's no fundamental need to enable the plan to cover annual incomes up to $83,000. The definition of 'children' is already (in some states) defined up to age 25. Can't you see what is wrong with this picture?

  • It's creeping Socialism. We can argue on the need to cover health care for the poor (fact: no one is denied health care in the United States; walk into any hospital and find out) . But to continue to raise the bar is to slide down the slope into Socialized Medicine, and there is ample reasons why this is a bad thing for our nation.

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