Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Which brain are you?

Taking a break from radio blogging for a moment....

Kathleen posted an interesting optical illusion worth studying:

Optical Illusion of a Spinning Dancer, femaleYou probably have to click the image to get her to spin; I first thought it was limited to Opera, but now it appears it may be a limitation in Blogger/Blogspot.)

Apparently, according to a story in an Australian newspaper, if you view this gal dancing (spinning, really) in a clockwise rotation, you are right-brained. If she's spinning counter-clockwise, you are are left-brained.

From the moment the image appeared I said she was spinning clockwise, but then if I covered one eye, she immediately spun the other direction (either eye would make this so). Perhaps it is a stereoscopic effect (not to be confused with Stereotomy).

I am unsure how this measures into whether one is right-brained or left-brained, or whether either of those two designations mean anything at all, but it is a curious illusion.

So I suppose, based on my initial evaluation, I am right-brained.

Were this not a 2-dimensional image, I'd be inclined to say the girl is standing still; the camera (or the viewer) is rotating.

What do you see?

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