Monday, October 15, 2007

The US Senate you voted for hard at work

I missed the front end of this story when I was on my break last month, and missed the beginning of part 2 last week.

The short story: MediaMatters ran smear job against Rush Limbaugh back on September 27th, twisting out of context a few words Mr. Limbaugh said during a phone call on his hugely popular radio program.

A few days after the falsehood was published, Mr. Limbaugh made available the actual audio and video of the alleged insult to the military on his website and on YouTube.

Soon after, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) spoke on the floor of the US Senate, targeting Mr. Limbaugh specifically, calling him unpatriotic for his alleged insult and demanding an apology.

On October 2nd, Sen. Reid (D-NV) and 40 of his fellow Senators, signed a letter to Clear Channel Communications insisting on an apology from Mr. Limbaugh.

Here we have the UNITED STATES SENATE targeting an individual US CITIZEN. And they did not do this in front of their local media, or in some off-the-cuff comment, or other non-official function, but they did it on the floor of the Senate and backed it up in an official letter, on official letterhead.

Sen. Reid cannot hide under the guise of free speech, nor of the protection members of Congress have in matters of debate. This is a personal attack on an individual by the US Senate.

Let me also point out: of the 41 Senators who signed this letter (hardly a majority of the Senate, mind you) there are 3 names who stand out besides the Majority Leader, Sen. Reid (D-NV):

  • Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY)
  • Seantor Christopher Dodd (D-CT)
  • Senator Barrack Obamma (D-IL)

These 3 people are candidates for President of the United States. To be fair, and with all due respect, Sen. Dodd doesn't stand a real chance, but he is a contender and a veteran of the Senate. These 3 Senators, in particular, have the gall to censor a US citizen, who didn't say a damn thing wrong!

Mr. Limbaugh has done nothing wrong. He has, in fact, taken the high road, as is his norm. The original, 4 page letter from Sen. Reid, et al, is available for auction. Mr. Limbaugh has pledged 100% of the monies raised will go to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation and he has challenged all 41 Senators to match the winning bid in a donation to the MC-LEF.

As of this writing, the current, qualified bid, is $45,100. I know it is qualified, as I was pre-qualified to bid at the outset of this auction. I had to provide some basic info - name, address - and after a time I was pre-qualified until the bid reached over $10,000, at which time I was asked for additional information. I declined, knowing I was never going to be able to budget even half of the current bid!

But I will donate to MC-LEF, as I hope everyone does.

As busy as the US Senate is I wonder if they'll take up Mr. Limbaugh's challenge and match the winning bid.

Maybe that's why the MSM isn't reporting this story...

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