Monday, October 29, 2007

Trying to ramp up that Holiday Spirit

Just a few precious days left before Halloween... trying to ramp up the spirit...

  • Movies: Last evening, our eldest son and I watched a few truly bad movies, from Michele turned me on to this site, which I promptly created a bookmark for and forgot, then recalled last night. We watched Attack of the Giant Leeches and had loads of laughs. He'll likely grab some more before Wednesday is done, and something tells me he'll be back for more fun in the future too.

    Where else can you enjoy titles like: Robot Monster, Destroy All Planets, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, plus dozens of horror, western and kung-fu movies, all for free?
  • Yesterday I finally started treating my Samsung i607 like an MP3 player. I did. No, really. I picked up a 2GB memory chip (an early birthday present, I told MBH, so she doesn't have to get me anything), and started to load some tunes.

    Afterwards, I sought out The Mercury Theater on The Air, an archive of the old radio shows of the late 1930s. The site seems to be update regularly, with more than 2 dozen programs ranging from A Christmas Carol, Mutiny on the Bounty, and, of course, War of the Worlds, which I did download last night.

    Just imagine: sitting in your living room or kitchen, huddled around a Philco radio as your only source of real-time information, hearing the intrepid Carl Phillips reporting from Grover Mills, NJ about the strange object that fell from the sky. His words become pictures in your mind, of the strange creatures crawling out of it, and the beam of fire projected from their heat ray.... you hear the screams of the policemen, cut down by the flames.

    Carl tries to find a better position to stand .... he's running... he's..... and the signal stops. Someone in the studio reports they've experienced technical difficulties, and then later announces the truth.

    Start listening here.... Carl's demise begins around 17:25.

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