Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tales of Baristas

The following are two true stories that happened to me this weekend, both involving purchased coffee.

She knows Pi like the back of her...

On Saturday I ordered a couple of cups of mocha lattes at the Wegman's Coffee Bar. The clerk prepared them as I watched. Something caught my eye; it was a tattoo that was rectangular in shape and ran about 6" on her forearm.

As she put up the coffees I asked her what it was. She turned her arm up to show me her tat and proudly announced: it's Pi! Sure enough, it was Pi to the 9th digit.

I complimented her on her Geek Chic, and she beamed that no one had ever said that to her before. To show her appreciation she offered to add a shot to both cups.

Hey, free caffeine? Works for me!

Glistening Starbucks

On Sunday we shopped at Barnes & Noble, and again I was on coffee detail. After ordering a pair Autumnal-inspired coffees, I asked the Barista if a book for my oldest could be paid for as well. Paying by credit card, she handed me a pen and the slip to sign.

As I handed back the pen, I noticed a bit of moisture on my fingertips. It was then I realized the gal placed the pen in her cleavage, clipped to her apron.

I'm not quite sure if I should be bothered by that or not. I mean, I don't care if she sweats glistens (women, of course, do no sweat), we all perspire (trust me: I do more than my fair share).

But from a food service point of view.... I don't think Starbucks Corp would like to know this gal's habit.

On the other hand, I suppose she always knows where her pen is clipped.

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