Friday, October 19, 2007

Short Notes

Yeah, I usually call it Quick Hits, so sue me.

  • I'd love to have not only a cellular-based web browser in my car, but a decent screen reader (think WindowEyes or NVDA), so I could read my blog-feeds while driving. Of course, programs like Imus in the Morning or the cell calls I take in the evening would compete for those hours, but I imagine I would get some more reading done. The countdown to the return of the wrinkled up old rodeo clown is now 44 days.

  • SCHIP is dead, for now. Not surprisingly, the veto override failed in the House. Now, if Speaker Pelosi really cares about the children, instead of sending a bill to the White House that is so needlessly overpriced, that covers kids who aren't really kids (up to age 25), and kids who aren't really poor, a bill that is in the spirit of the original SCHIP program, then President Bush will sign it. Mr. Bush asked for $5B over 5 years; if Mrs. Pelosi even suggested $7B, I bet he'd sign it.

    But clearly, the Democrat majority is trying to push socialized medicine down the collective throats of the nation. I am glad it has been stopped ... at least for now. Kim at WizBang has a link to a story about a mom with a high-risk pregnancy who, on the day of her delivery, was turned away from the hospital because it was full - forcing her partner to deliver the kid at home. Yeah, that's socialized medicine at work.

  • Maine Middle School Kids getting the Pill - if you haven't heard, you need to get out more. My MBH weighed in with a point of view that's certainly unique to a woman:

    If a School Nurse (or, at best, Physicians Assistant) is going to be handing out the pill, then the pill should be available to all as OTC (over the counter) in any pharmacy. Of course, no one is addressing who will provide these kids the necessary cervical exam to insure they're not at risk for the cancer that the pill causes in a certain percentage of women. This whole idea is insane!
    See? As a guy, I'd never have the POV. So what will it be? Stirrups in the school for the exams? Then how can anyone protest locker searches for illegal drugs?

    Here's an idea: if the parents want their 11 year old to be on the pill, let the parents take her to doctor. What an amazing concept!
  • It was 20 years ago today... I was working at Manhattan bank in internal auditing when Black Monday hit. Forget that the DJIA fell over 500 points; that number isn't important, unless you consider that it represented at 23% drop in overall value. Donald Luskin has a great review here, which includes a pivotal role played by George Soros.

  • IggyGate: By now, if you're frequent media reads include my humble blog, you've heard of the problems expressed by Ellen Degenres. As mentioned earlier in the blog, I've liked Ellen for a long time (see Guess What? I'm not wearing any pants!).

    That much said, I was worried when I first saw her outburst on YouTube. Such an over-the-top PDA is not appropriate, in my mind, on a taped program. Had someone put a camera in her face while she stood in her driveway, fine. But to go to pieces while taping and then not retake the segment is odd. To me. I am hoping something bigger wasn't brewing under the surface.

    Turns out, I am not alone: Tammy Bruce expresses the same concern for Ellen.

  • Rush Limbaugh's challenge to the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid still goes unanswered. Rush's auction of the smear letter will close today at 1:00 PM (ET), and the current bid is $2.1M with all proceeds going to a Marine Corps charity. Rush will match the winning bid, and challenged the collective body of 41 Senators who signed this piece of American legislative history to do likewise. That the MSM won't report this story is very telling.

    Alex at PAWatercooler likens it to Bob Casey's autograph, and while he's correct, it does represent so much more!
  • I bring you these 15 Commandments..... oy! er...These 10...10 Commandments.

    Even Mel Brooks got it right when he spoke of God giving Moses the 10 Commandments. So why has Disney (or more specifically, RadioDisney) edited out His name? TrekMedic has the details.

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