Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Radio Daze

  • As I mentioned here, Rush Limbaugh is auctioning off a piece of American Legislative history: a letter calling for the censor of a private citizen written by 41 members of the US Senate -- including 3 candidates for president (all of whom, obviously, never read the 1st Amendment). The auction runs through Friday, 13:00 ET, and the current bid stands at $65,100, with all funds going to a Marine Corps charity (

    Mr. Limbaugh has pledged to match the winning bid with his own money, and has challenged the signers of the letter to (collectively) do the same. No word, yet, from the Senators, or the MainStreamMedia.

    That the media isn't reporting this story is even more evidence that the claims of MediaMatters and Senator Harry Reid were false.

  • This blog wishes Randi Rhodes well. I've given Ms. Rhodes some compliments over the last few years, mostly for her broadcast ability. Whatever happened to her - and I severely doubt the truth will ever be known - I do wish her a fast recovery. Radio Equalizer has more than fair share of stories and links pointing to the alleged 'right-wing attack' and other fantasies surrounding her injury. Gee, I wonder if Congress will censor AAR for their comments?

  • WABC staff in limbo: I received an e-mail response to a question I posed to WABC's morning newsguy, George Weber. His message said:
We're all under the "impression" are show has been replaced by Imus, but no, they haven't told us one way or another. Kinda freaky, right.
Sounds to me the suits aren't as sure as Drudge and the NY newsmedia are, else they're keeping their veteran employees in the dark.

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