Thursday, October 04, 2007

On being a hands-off Team Lead

As I am grinding away with my assigned tasks, including the ones added when I became a Team Leader (Help Desk Team Lead, over 2 others), I certainly have enough on my desk to keep me busy.

My management style -- I said that in italics because I am certain someone would correct me by saying I was only a Team Lead and not a proper Manager (my salary reflects that no doubt) -- is hands-off. Both people on the Team were there before I was named to take the Lead spot. They know what they're doing, we're all adults: do your job, prepare your reports, let me know if shit hits the fan. Works for me, and them (there was a concern I would change everything around; nonsense!).

Part of the routine is to prepare weekly status reports for senior management; I do that based on the Team's individual weekly status reports, generally filed on Fridays.

Today I got a SR from one of my Team members. Being so busy, I glanced at the subject line and moved on. 4 hours later I got to read it.

After listing what she did for the week-to-date, it says I'm in vacation-mode from here on!

Vacation? She's going on vacation? Sure enough, I found the request I approved in August. She's gone until the 22nd.

But not even so much of a see you in 2 weeks!, she upped and left about an hour ago. The other Team Member saw her leave, but had no conversation with her either.

Now there's no doubt she deserves to take her leave, but now I have to contend with picking up her slack these next two weeks, too. Fortunately, her Status Report should provide I need.

Maybe I'm too hands-off...?

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