Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kurtz, Williams have it wrong

From ImusTruth:

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz writes in his new book "Reality Show," that NBC anchorman Brian Williams felt it hard to defend Imus during the Rutgers controversy because "they had no off-air relationship," and because Williams had only met Imus in person twice.

Kurtz reports Williams called Imus at home after Williams visited the Rutgers campus to interview the team's coach and players.

Kurtz writes, "Williams was disappointed that Imus was offering the same defenses that he had been making on the air, but found him to be contrite. Williams told Imus that he should visit Iraq, that such a trip would be a valuable experience for him and help him change the subject. But it was not a good phone call. The man seemed close to despondent."

That's funny... as a listener, I knew Mr. Imus had spoken to Mr. Williams on-air about the possibility of going to Iraq before the April incident involving Rutgers women's basketball.

Could Mr. Kurtz have misunderstood Mr. Williams? Could Mr. Williams recollection be wrong? Or is it some form of spinning on their part to cover their asses before Mr. Imus gets his mic back?

Go to IMUSTRUTH for a video of the MSNBC broadcast from March 26 of this year and find out.

Just doing my part to set the story straight.

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