Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Imus on the Horizon

It is by no means secret that this Blog has been a fan of Don Imus for over 25 years. So readers should not be surprised by my mentioning his return is coming soon:

NY DAILY NEWS: Imus, ousted in April from his nationally syndicated WFAN show by CBS Radio, will on Dec. 1 reportedly take over the morning slot at WABC occupied by Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby.

Reached by e-mail at his New Mexico ranch, Imus declined to discuss his future plans, saying, "Ha ha....nice try" when a reporter pressed him for details

I am not at all happy at the prospect of Curtis and Kuby being canned for the Imus return, nor am I convinced this is what will happen. Curtis & Kuby's meteoric rise came from the ashes of the Rocky Allen ShowGram which had to be the worst programming decision ever on the 50,000 watt blowtorch, WABC radio ... aside, perhaps, from dropping Lionel (which did, in fact, make room for Sean Hannity, but I digress...).

But C&K are fixtures on WABC, and I find it hard to imagine the suits would can them unless their ratings had somehow turned abysmal. And being that theirs is a show that is truly NYC-centric, I doubt it (I confess I haven't read Arbitron lately, but mean to do so this week).

Still, the other Citadel station in NYC is WPLJ (formerly known as Where Rock Lives!), which is a pop station these days. Somehow I doubt they'd forfeit their drive-time to all-talk (but hey! 17 years ago, who'd think all-sports-talk would have sold??).

Speaking personally, as much as I am fond of Curtis' Sliwaisms and the not-too-shabby judicial comments from Ron Kuby, the C&K show never did much for me. Since April I've listened to their show, more for the sports reports of Warner Wolf than for the main hosts. Perhaps far too many agree with me.

Regardless, I look forward to Don Imus' return.

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