Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Knock-Knock Joke from a 4 year old


Me: Who's there?

He: Franklin.

Me: Franklin Who?

He: Franklin Wishes You a Happy Halloween!

Yes, that was a joke my 4 year old made up, all by himself. And, no, I didn't get it either.

Me: That is funny!

He: I made it up by myself!

Me: I can tell. Um, who is Franklin?

He: You know! Franklin.

Me: Franklin...... the Turtle?

He: Who is Franklin the Turtle??

Me: Never mind... Who is the Franklin you're talking about?

He: You know... the big guy

(he stretches his hands in front of him in the classic Monster pose)

You know, the monster!

Me: You mean Frankenstein!

He: That's right! Franklin Frankenstein wishes you a Happy Halloween!

Who knew that was his first name??

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