Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Curtis Sliwa: thrown under the bus

More and more, it is apparent Matt Drudge called it on Monday morning about AM-77/WABC's Curtis & Kuby show, the morning drive-time for the 50,000 watt, clear channel blowtorch will soon be hosting the return of Don Imus.

As I stated, I heard activist/attorney Ron Kuby bid thanks and farewell just before the 10:00 hour of Monday's show. And today's show was also full of not-so-subtle comments about the end coming soon.

The morning cast:
  • Curtis Sliwa
  • Ron Kuby
  • George Weber (News anchor)
  • Babita Hariani (reporter)
Ron has a law practice, so he's safe when the ax falls. George and Babita may have it harder, especially George. Imus will certainly have Charles McCord handle the news, but Babita may be able to continue her remote reporting. Traffic and weather will probably remain for the AM ladies, Debbie Duhaime and Stepahnie DeLuca, respectively (side note: Debbie Duhaime has a certain flair to her voice and her overall charm that suggests she should have her own show, but that's another story entirely).

But what of Curtis Sliwa? Yes, he's got his Guardian Angles, but what better promotion than to frequently mention them on a station that can boast reaching 38 states (and parts of the maritime providence)? His voice is practically on every commercial, every hour, around the clock. Few people in the tri-state area do not automatically associate he, the Guardian Angles and WABC together; he is the face of the station, truly.

Drudge suggests he'll team up with legacy mid-day host John Gambling (of the Rambling with Gamblings); but that show runs a mere 1:45! What a slap in the face to Sliwa, who has worked every shift known to WABC, sometimes 2 or 3 in a single day. And he's chaired for such rising, syndicated stars as Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.

It wouldn't surprise me if Kuby dropped out before the December start date of Imus, leaving Curtis solo to the end. The WABC program clock is filled with stars as is, so its hard to see where Curtis would fit in... could he jump to AM-710/WOR, the station he and Kuby slammed for so many years (following Gambling's move to WABC)?

Time will tell, of course, but for this long-distance commuter, who lives for talk radio, it is an interesting show, indeed!

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