Tuesday, October 30, 2007

...but you doesn't hafta call me JOHNSON

h/t to Bill Saluga

Scene: My office, early morning.

HE: Good morning Charles!

ME: Good morning Eugene.

HE: You know, you can call me Gene; it is my name.

ME: OK, Gene it is. And please, call me Charlie.

HE: Charlie?

ME: It is my name.

HE: Really? Oh, ok if you like.

His phone rang so the conversation ended.

I am formally addressed as Charles when people first meet me, professionally. But then Charlie is the way to go. Years ago, in a seemingly different world, I was professionally known as Chuck, yet I remain in contact with only 1 person who knows me by that moniker.

(Eu)Gene's reaction to my name being Charlie is a most unusual occurrence for me. Maybe I should ask what he meant.

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