Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another reason to say NO to universal health care!

Read this and then tell me why you still want universal health care!

Omaha.com, other related links: Baby Joel Anaya was welcomed home Tuesday (October 16) into his mother's arms.
Despite the objections of Josue Anaya and his wife, Mary, Joel's blood was drawn Friday and screened for medical conditions, as required by state law. The tests screen for a variety of conditions, including cystic fibrosis and sickle cell disease, which could lead to mental retardation or death.

Joel had been in state custody since Oct. 10 when a petition was filed in Douglas County Juvenile Court alleging the Anayas put their son at risk by not having him screened.

Following a court order, Joel remained in foster care until the preliminary test results were received Tuesday and showed the baby was not predisposed to any of the disorders, the Anayas' attorney said. The Anayas then were reunited with their son, and prosecutors dismissed the case.Joel's parents say they object to the blood withdrawal because of their religious beliefs and conscience. They believe in certain Scriptures that say life is in the blood.
Judge Elizabeth Crnkovich was not looking out for the child's best interests in Friday's court hearing, (Anayas' Attorney Jeff) Downing said, criticizing her comment that it was inappropriate to allow Mary Anaya the frequent visits needed to breastfeed Joel at every meal.

Not allowing Mary Anaya to consistently breastfeed Joel during the critical first few weeks of attachment put him at greater risk than the chance that he had one of the diseases being screened for, Downing said.

I might be inclined to criticize the parents' decision not to get the heel stick (religious beliefs notwithstanding). I might be inclined to agree that the state had a possible right to mandate the blood test, particularly if they were checking for a communicable disease (which, in this case, they weren't).

But there is NOTHING in this story that suggests the child had to be seized AT GUN POINT (paging Elian Gonzalez), and kept from his mother for 6 days.

You can keep your calls for universal health care... if you think hearing the words I'm from the government, and I am here to help is a good thing, you are severely wrong.

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