Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's the Halloween Moon

Something special to all gals (and a few guys I know):

From Dave Barry's Blog:


Do not click this link. (NSFW)

(UPDATE: And make sure you make your next hotel reservation at Travelodge.)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another reason to say NO to universal health care!

Read this and then tell me why you still want universal health care!, other related links: Baby Joel Anaya was welcomed home Tuesday (October 16) into his mother's arms.
Despite the objections of Josue Anaya and his wife, Mary, Joel's blood was drawn Friday and screened for medical conditions, as required by state law. The tests screen for a variety of conditions, including cystic fibrosis and sickle cell disease, which could lead to mental retardation or death.

Joel had been in state custody since Oct. 10 when a petition was filed in Douglas County Juvenile Court alleging the Anayas put their son at risk by not having him screened.

Following a court order, Joel remained in foster care until the preliminary test results were received Tuesday and showed the baby was not predisposed to any of the disorders, the Anayas' attorney said. The Anayas then were reunited with their son, and prosecutors dismissed the case.Joel's parents say they object to the blood withdrawal because of their religious beliefs and conscience. They believe in certain Scriptures that say life is in the blood.
Judge Elizabeth Crnkovich was not looking out for the child's best interests in Friday's court hearing, (Anayas' Attorney Jeff) Downing said, criticizing her comment that it was inappropriate to allow Mary Anaya the frequent visits needed to breastfeed Joel at every meal.

Not allowing Mary Anaya to consistently breastfeed Joel during the critical first few weeks of attachment put him at greater risk than the chance that he had one of the diseases being screened for, Downing said.

I might be inclined to criticize the parents' decision not to get the heel stick (religious beliefs notwithstanding). I might be inclined to agree that the state had a possible right to mandate the blood test, particularly if they were checking for a communicable disease (which, in this case, they weren't).

But there is NOTHING in this story that suggests the child had to be seized AT GUN POINT (paging Elian Gonzalez), and kept from his mother for 6 days.

You can keep your calls for universal health care... if you think hearing the words I'm from the government, and I am here to help is a good thing, you are severely wrong.

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...but you doesn't hafta call me JOHNSON

h/t to Bill Saluga

Scene: My office, early morning.

HE: Good morning Charles!

ME: Good morning Eugene.

HE: You know, you can call me Gene; it is my name.

ME: OK, Gene it is. And please, call me Charlie.

HE: Charlie?

ME: It is my name.

HE: Really? Oh, ok if you like.

His phone rang so the conversation ended.

I am formally addressed as Charles when people first meet me, professionally. But then Charlie is the way to go. Years ago, in a seemingly different world, I was professionally known as Chuck, yet I remain in contact with only 1 person who knows me by that moniker.

(Eu)Gene's reaction to my name being Charlie is a most unusual occurrence for me. Maybe I should ask what he meant.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Trying to ramp up that Holiday Spirit

Just a few precious days left before Halloween... trying to ramp up the spirit...

  • Movies: Last evening, our eldest son and I watched a few truly bad movies, from Michele turned me on to this site, which I promptly created a bookmark for and forgot, then recalled last night. We watched Attack of the Giant Leeches and had loads of laughs. He'll likely grab some more before Wednesday is done, and something tells me he'll be back for more fun in the future too.

    Where else can you enjoy titles like: Robot Monster, Destroy All Planets, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, plus dozens of horror, western and kung-fu movies, all for free?
  • Yesterday I finally started treating my Samsung i607 like an MP3 player. I did. No, really. I picked up a 2GB memory chip (an early birthday present, I told MBH, so she doesn't have to get me anything), and started to load some tunes.

    Afterwards, I sought out The Mercury Theater on The Air, an archive of the old radio shows of the late 1930s. The site seems to be update regularly, with more than 2 dozen programs ranging from A Christmas Carol, Mutiny on the Bounty, and, of course, War of the Worlds, which I did download last night.

    Just imagine: sitting in your living room or kitchen, huddled around a Philco radio as your only source of real-time information, hearing the intrepid Carl Phillips reporting from Grover Mills, NJ about the strange object that fell from the sky. His words become pictures in your mind, of the strange creatures crawling out of it, and the beam of fire projected from their heat ray.... you hear the screams of the policemen, cut down by the flames.

    Carl tries to find a better position to stand .... he's running... he's..... and the signal stops. Someone in the studio reports they've experienced technical difficulties, and then later announces the truth.

    Start listening here.... Carl's demise begins around 17:25.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

This just in...

This just in..

I dreamt last night.

I know, you're probably thinking:

  • So what?
  • Big deal?
  • What did you dream?
I can't tell you what my dream was about, because the few times I am ever conscious of having a dream (and it is a rare occurrence) I have no memory of it.

I woke up with a start and was agitated. Beyond that, I can't tell a thing about the event.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Use, wash up, but don't drink!

I posted about a sign on a restroom door almost 3 years ago (nearly to the day!). I've used the facility a dozen or more times since, but happened to finally have a camera phone.

ATTENTION: Water from rest rooms may not be suitable for human consumption. This water is for sanitary use only.
I understand (and frankly endorse) the use of non-potable water for washing and flushing. I understand many parts of Europe (as I've been told) follow that practice. It's just still a surprise for me to see such signage in New Jersey.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Knock-Knock Joke from a 4 year old


Me: Who's there?

He: Franklin.

Me: Franklin Who?

He: Franklin Wishes You a Happy Halloween!

Yes, that was a joke my 4 year old made up, all by himself. And, no, I didn't get it either.

Me: That is funny!

He: I made it up by myself!

Me: I can tell. Um, who is Franklin?

He: You know! Franklin.

Me: Franklin...... the Turtle?

He: Who is Franklin the Turtle??

Me: Never mind... Who is the Franklin you're talking about?

He: You know... the big guy

(he stretches his hands in front of him in the classic Monster pose)

You know, the monster!

Me: You mean Frankenstein!

He: That's right! Franklin Frankenstein wishes you a Happy Halloween!

Who knew that was his first name??

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chick-less Noodle Soup

This is a half-decent ad campaign worth a laugh or two, notably the jokes about the hot tube (which help explain the meaning of the subject line).

Jenne: Don't oogle. Look up at the moon or something.

Dutch: Oookay!

Jenne: You know what I mean!

Find more here.

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Remembering the first attack on US Forces by Islamic Fascism

Jennifer at Now for Something Different recalls the 1983 attack on the US Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon, which stands today as the deadliest post-WWII attack on Americans overseas, and marks perhaps the first strike in the Global War on Terror.

Readers know I have much profound and deep respect for President Ronald Reagan, but as a human he was certainly not above making mistakes. That he ordered our forces withdrawn instead of counter-attacking is perhaps the single, biggest mistake of his presidency. But for then Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger setting the rules for engagement so loosely, could the attack, itself, been prevented? (One could easily argue the attack on the USS Cole was, in part, due to similarly lax ROE).

While President Reagan's record of accomplishments, by far, outweigh any error in judgement regarding this event, anniversaries such as today will always call to mind what could have been handled differently.

I strongly recommend Jennifer's post as required reading, so as we never forget the event.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

On being Politically Correct

It's been a while since I last (knowingly) raised people's blood pressure. This may do it for some (UPDATED after the story).

Investors Business Daily October 19, 2007--Political Correctness: The city of Philadelphia raises the nominal rent on a city building the Boy Scouts use because it says the group discriminates against gays. Is the City of Brotherly Love the one being intolerant?

The Boy Scouts' Philadelphia branch, called the Cradle of Liberty Council, had been renting the Beaux Arts building, which stands on city-owned land, for $1 a year. The city has now ordered the Scouts to pay a "fair market" rent of $200,000 on the grounds that the group refuses to admit openly gay Scouts and Scout leaders.

"We know there are gay scouts," says Scout spokesman Jeff Jubelirer. "Of course there are. We don't care. Nobody cares." He describes the national organization's policy as a variation of the military's don't ask, don't tell policy.

But the Boy Scouts, who require a belief in God and therefore also "discriminate" against atheists, are not comfortable with the idea of openly homosexual men leading young boys into the woods.

In 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision (with justices Rehnquist, O'Connor, Scalia, Kennedy and Thomas in the majority), upheld the group's right to bar scoutmasters who are openly gay based on the principle of freedom of association.

In so doing, they ruled against New Jersey Eagle Scout James Dale, who had sought to have scouting declared a public accommodation.

Ironically, one of the amicus briefs supporting the Boy Scouts was filed by members of Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty. They pointed out that "infringement of the freedom of association would harm all Americans, but it would particularly threaten the welfare of gay and lesbian Americans." They were worried that they might be forced to admit heterosexuals into their group.

In its decision, the Supreme Court acknowledged that homosexuality had gained social acceptance, but it went on to say: "This is scarcely an argument for denying First Amendment protection to those who refuse to accept those views."

"We are not," the court said, "as we must not be, guided by our views as to whether the Boy Scouts' teachings with respect to homosexual conduct are right or wrong. The state cannot compel the organization to accept members where such acceptance would derogate from the organization's expressive message."

But the state, or in this case the city of Philadelphia, apparently doesn't have to give the Scouts a break on their rent. Isn't it hypocritical, though, to be intolerant in the name of tolerance, to say that it's wrong to disapprove of the lifestyles of others but OK to condemn the religious and moral beliefs of others?

How is it that an organization that has done immeasurable good for tens of millions of boys becomes one of America's most notorious and dangerous hate groups?

If America is about anything, it's about the right to hold beliefs and views with which others disagree, the right to express and act on those views, and the right to freely associate with others holding similar views. That's not bigotry; it's true diversity.

So a venerable, well-regarded youth group that has done nothing worse than instill formerly uncontroversial values into the millions of young men it has prepared for responsible adulthood is being successfully demonized.

A survey a few years back found that 63% of U.S. Air Force Academy graduates, 68% of West Point graduates, 70% of Annapolis graduates and 85% of FBI agents,
not to mention 26 of the first 29 astronauts, were all Scouts.

It's no surprise that such leaders would come from an organization whose oath

On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law: To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

Frightening stuff, indeed


UPDATE: Speaking of Scouting in Philadelphia , read about a woman rescued by members of a Boy Scout Troop and Venture Crew.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007


This song has been rattling in my mind all weekend... don't know why...

When rain drops fall and you feel low
Ah, do you ever think it's useless,
Do you feel like letting go?
Do you ever sit and do you wonder
Will the world ever change?
And just how long will it take
To have it all rearranged?

Tell me why these things are still the same ...
Tell me why no one can seem to learn from mistakes

Take my hand if you don't know where your goin'
I'll understand, I've lost the way myself.
Oh, don't take that old road it leads to nowhere;
We must return before the clock strikes twelve.

It's so easy to do nothin'
When you're busy night and day.
Take a step in one direction
And take a step the other way.
So don't stop tryin' when you stumble
Don't give up should you fall
Keep on searchin' for the passway
That will lead you through the wall.
Don't look back or you'll be left behind
Don't look back or you will never find peace of mind.

Take my hand if you don't know where your goin'
I'll understand, I've lost the way myself.
Oh, don't take that old road, oh it leads to nowhere;
We must return before the clock strikes twelve.

John Kay/Steppenwolf

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Short Notes

Yeah, I usually call it Quick Hits, so sue me.

  • I'd love to have not only a cellular-based web browser in my car, but a decent screen reader (think WindowEyes or NVDA), so I could read my blog-feeds while driving. Of course, programs like Imus in the Morning or the cell calls I take in the evening would compete for those hours, but I imagine I would get some more reading done. The countdown to the return of the wrinkled up old rodeo clown is now 44 days.

  • SCHIP is dead, for now. Not surprisingly, the veto override failed in the House. Now, if Speaker Pelosi really cares about the children, instead of sending a bill to the White House that is so needlessly overpriced, that covers kids who aren't really kids (up to age 25), and kids who aren't really poor, a bill that is in the spirit of the original SCHIP program, then President Bush will sign it. Mr. Bush asked for $5B over 5 years; if Mrs. Pelosi even suggested $7B, I bet he'd sign it.

    But clearly, the Democrat majority is trying to push socialized medicine down the collective throats of the nation. I am glad it has been stopped ... at least for now. Kim at WizBang has a link to a story about a mom with a high-risk pregnancy who, on the day of her delivery, was turned away from the hospital because it was full - forcing her partner to deliver the kid at home. Yeah, that's socialized medicine at work.

  • Maine Middle School Kids getting the Pill - if you haven't heard, you need to get out more. My MBH weighed in with a point of view that's certainly unique to a woman:

    If a School Nurse (or, at best, Physicians Assistant) is going to be handing out the pill, then the pill should be available to all as OTC (over the counter) in any pharmacy. Of course, no one is addressing who will provide these kids the necessary cervical exam to insure they're not at risk for the cancer that the pill causes in a certain percentage of women. This whole idea is insane!
    See? As a guy, I'd never have the POV. So what will it be? Stirrups in the school for the exams? Then how can anyone protest locker searches for illegal drugs?

    Here's an idea: if the parents want their 11 year old to be on the pill, let the parents take her to doctor. What an amazing concept!
  • It was 20 years ago today... I was working at Manhattan bank in internal auditing when Black Monday hit. Forget that the DJIA fell over 500 points; that number isn't important, unless you consider that it represented at 23% drop in overall value. Donald Luskin has a great review here, which includes a pivotal role played by George Soros.

  • IggyGate: By now, if you're frequent media reads include my humble blog, you've heard of the problems expressed by Ellen Degenres. As mentioned earlier in the blog, I've liked Ellen for a long time (see Guess What? I'm not wearing any pants!).

    That much said, I was worried when I first saw her outburst on YouTube. Such an over-the-top PDA is not appropriate, in my mind, on a taped program. Had someone put a camera in her face while she stood in her driveway, fine. But to go to pieces while taping and then not retake the segment is odd. To me. I am hoping something bigger wasn't brewing under the surface.

    Turns out, I am not alone: Tammy Bruce expresses the same concern for Ellen.

  • Rush Limbaugh's challenge to the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid still goes unanswered. Rush's auction of the smear letter will close today at 1:00 PM (ET), and the current bid is $2.1M with all proceeds going to a Marine Corps charity. Rush will match the winning bid, and challenged the collective body of 41 Senators who signed this piece of American legislative history to do likewise. That the MSM won't report this story is very telling.

    Alex at PAWatercooler likens it to Bob Casey's autograph, and while he's correct, it does represent so much more!
  • I bring you these 15 Commandments..... oy! er...These 10...10 Commandments.

    Even Mel Brooks got it right when he spoke of God giving Moses the 10 Commandments. So why has Disney (or more specifically, RadioDisney) edited out His name? TrekMedic has the details.

, ,

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Which brain are you?

Taking a break from radio blogging for a moment....

Kathleen posted an interesting optical illusion worth studying:

Optical Illusion of a Spinning Dancer, femaleYou probably have to click the image to get her to spin; I first thought it was limited to Opera, but now it appears it may be a limitation in Blogger/Blogspot.)

Apparently, according to a story in an Australian newspaper, if you view this gal dancing (spinning, really) in a clockwise rotation, you are right-brained. If she's spinning counter-clockwise, you are are left-brained.

From the moment the image appeared I said she was spinning clockwise, but then if I covered one eye, she immediately spun the other direction (either eye would make this so). Perhaps it is a stereoscopic effect (not to be confused with Stereotomy).

I am unsure how this measures into whether one is right-brained or left-brained, or whether either of those two designations mean anything at all, but it is a curious illusion.

So I suppose, based on my initial evaluation, I am right-brained.

Were this not a 2-dimensional image, I'd be inclined to say the girl is standing still; the camera (or the viewer) is rotating.

What do you see?

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Radio Daze

  • As I mentioned here, Rush Limbaugh is auctioning off a piece of American Legislative history: a letter calling for the censor of a private citizen written by 41 members of the US Senate -- including 3 candidates for president (all of whom, obviously, never read the 1st Amendment). The auction runs through Friday, 13:00 ET, and the current bid stands at $65,100, with all funds going to a Marine Corps charity (

    Mr. Limbaugh has pledged to match the winning bid with his own money, and has challenged the signers of the letter to (collectively) do the same. No word, yet, from the Senators, or the MainStreamMedia.

    That the media isn't reporting this story is even more evidence that the claims of MediaMatters and Senator Harry Reid were false.

  • This blog wishes Randi Rhodes well. I've given Ms. Rhodes some compliments over the last few years, mostly for her broadcast ability. Whatever happened to her - and I severely doubt the truth will ever be known - I do wish her a fast recovery. Radio Equalizer has more than fair share of stories and links pointing to the alleged 'right-wing attack' and other fantasies surrounding her injury. Gee, I wonder if Congress will censor AAR for their comments?

  • WABC staff in limbo: I received an e-mail response to a question I posed to WABC's morning newsguy, George Weber. His message said:
We're all under the "impression" are show has been replaced by Imus, but no, they haven't told us one way or another. Kinda freaky, right.
Sounds to me the suits aren't as sure as Drudge and the NY newsmedia are, else they're keeping their veteran employees in the dark.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Curtis Sliwa: thrown under the bus

More and more, it is apparent Matt Drudge called it on Monday morning about AM-77/WABC's Curtis & Kuby show, the morning drive-time for the 50,000 watt, clear channel blowtorch will soon be hosting the return of Don Imus.

As I stated, I heard activist/attorney Ron Kuby bid thanks and farewell just before the 10:00 hour of Monday's show. And today's show was also full of not-so-subtle comments about the end coming soon.

The morning cast:
  • Curtis Sliwa
  • Ron Kuby
  • George Weber (News anchor)
  • Babita Hariani (reporter)
Ron has a law practice, so he's safe when the ax falls. George and Babita may have it harder, especially George. Imus will certainly have Charles McCord handle the news, but Babita may be able to continue her remote reporting. Traffic and weather will probably remain for the AM ladies, Debbie Duhaime and Stepahnie DeLuca, respectively (side note: Debbie Duhaime has a certain flair to her voice and her overall charm that suggests she should have her own show, but that's another story entirely).

But what of Curtis Sliwa? Yes, he's got his Guardian Angles, but what better promotion than to frequently mention them on a station that can boast reaching 38 states (and parts of the maritime providence)? His voice is practically on every commercial, every hour, around the clock. Few people in the tri-state area do not automatically associate he, the Guardian Angles and WABC together; he is the face of the station, truly.

Drudge suggests he'll team up with legacy mid-day host John Gambling (of the Rambling with Gamblings); but that show runs a mere 1:45! What a slap in the face to Sliwa, who has worked every shift known to WABC, sometimes 2 or 3 in a single day. And he's chaired for such rising, syndicated stars as Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.

It wouldn't surprise me if Kuby dropped out before the December start date of Imus, leaving Curtis solo to the end. The WABC program clock is filled with stars as is, so its hard to see where Curtis would fit in... could he jump to AM-710/WOR, the station he and Kuby slammed for so many years (following Gambling's move to WABC)?

Time will tell, of course, but for this long-distance commuter, who lives for talk radio, it is an interesting show, indeed!

More of my posts on RADIO

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Monday, October 15, 2007

The US Senate you voted for hard at work

I missed the front end of this story when I was on my break last month, and missed the beginning of part 2 last week.

The short story: MediaMatters ran smear job against Rush Limbaugh back on September 27th, twisting out of context a few words Mr. Limbaugh said during a phone call on his hugely popular radio program.

A few days after the falsehood was published, Mr. Limbaugh made available the actual audio and video of the alleged insult to the military on his website and on YouTube.

Soon after, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) spoke on the floor of the US Senate, targeting Mr. Limbaugh specifically, calling him unpatriotic for his alleged insult and demanding an apology.

On October 2nd, Sen. Reid (D-NV) and 40 of his fellow Senators, signed a letter to Clear Channel Communications insisting on an apology from Mr. Limbaugh.

Here we have the UNITED STATES SENATE targeting an individual US CITIZEN. And they did not do this in front of their local media, or in some off-the-cuff comment, or other non-official function, but they did it on the floor of the Senate and backed it up in an official letter, on official letterhead.

Sen. Reid cannot hide under the guise of free speech, nor of the protection members of Congress have in matters of debate. This is a personal attack on an individual by the US Senate.

Let me also point out: of the 41 Senators who signed this letter (hardly a majority of the Senate, mind you) there are 3 names who stand out besides the Majority Leader, Sen. Reid (D-NV):

  • Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY)
  • Seantor Christopher Dodd (D-CT)
  • Senator Barrack Obamma (D-IL)

These 3 people are candidates for President of the United States. To be fair, and with all due respect, Sen. Dodd doesn't stand a real chance, but he is a contender and a veteran of the Senate. These 3 Senators, in particular, have the gall to censor a US citizen, who didn't say a damn thing wrong!

Mr. Limbaugh has done nothing wrong. He has, in fact, taken the high road, as is his norm. The original, 4 page letter from Sen. Reid, et al, is available for auction. Mr. Limbaugh has pledged 100% of the monies raised will go to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation and he has challenged all 41 Senators to match the winning bid in a donation to the MC-LEF.

As of this writing, the current, qualified bid, is $45,100. I know it is qualified, as I was pre-qualified to bid at the outset of this auction. I had to provide some basic info - name, address - and after a time I was pre-qualified until the bid reached over $10,000, at which time I was asked for additional information. I declined, knowing I was never going to be able to budget even half of the current bid!

But I will donate to MC-LEF, as I hope everyone does.

As busy as the US Senate is I wonder if they'll take up Mr. Limbaugh's challenge and match the winning bid.

Maybe that's why the MSM isn't reporting this story...

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Imus on the Horizon

DrudgeReport Headline: IMUS TO RETURN, on NY's 77AM/WABC RADIO09:58AM UPDATE: Ron Kuby just said thanks and farewell and 'hope to be here tomorrow' as the Curtis and Kuby show closed their 9AM hour.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

You know why the temps started to change?

So it has been unseasonably warm these last few weeks... until yesterday... and the temps started to drop.

Why, you ask?

Well, because my oldest boy and I are going camping! He'll be participating in a 2 day Wilderness Survival Merit Badge program, given by members of the Army War College.

I know: he's a boy. It's nowhere near the dead of winter... but jeez.... the warm weather couldn't hold on a few more days??

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why SCHIP is full of ..... pork

I've been taking some verbal heat (and a little e-mail complaints, too) about my opposition to SCHIP.

Here are reasons why I oppose the Democrat plan for the program:

  • The Poster Boy for the SCHIP program, Graeme Frost, is a fraud. 12 year old Graeme was trotted out to speak against President Bush's explanation on why he vetoed the bill. He claimed, I just want children in my circumstance to be able to get the health care I got. Well guess what? He's not affected by the veto; and kids who are in similar circumstances to his are already covered, and continue to be covered. It's a ruse! How can anyone argue with a kid?

  • The plan, as is, covers the poor and those above the poverty line; there's no fundamental need to enable the plan to cover annual incomes up to $83,000. The definition of 'children' is already (in some states) defined up to age 25. Can't you see what is wrong with this picture?

  • It's creeping Socialism. We can argue on the need to cover health care for the poor (fact: no one is denied health care in the United States; walk into any hospital and find out) . But to continue to raise the bar is to slide down the slope into Socialized Medicine, and there is ample reasons why this is a bad thing for our nation.

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Kurtz, Williams have it wrong

From ImusTruth:

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz writes in his new book "Reality Show," that NBC anchorman Brian Williams felt it hard to defend Imus during the Rutgers controversy because "they had no off-air relationship," and because Williams had only met Imus in person twice.

Kurtz reports Williams called Imus at home after Williams visited the Rutgers campus to interview the team's coach and players.

Kurtz writes, "Williams was disappointed that Imus was offering the same defenses that he had been making on the air, but found him to be contrite. Williams told Imus that he should visit Iraq, that such a trip would be a valuable experience for him and help him change the subject. But it was not a good phone call. The man seemed close to despondent."

That's funny... as a listener, I knew Mr. Imus had spoken to Mr. Williams on-air about the possibility of going to Iraq before the April incident involving Rutgers women's basketball.

Could Mr. Kurtz have misunderstood Mr. Williams? Could Mr. Williams recollection be wrong? Or is it some form of spinning on their part to cover their asses before Mr. Imus gets his mic back?

Go to IMUSTRUTH for a video of the MSNBC broadcast from March 26 of this year and find out.

Just doing my part to set the story straight.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy Week

  • Monday was Columbus Day: A good reason for a day off, of course. However, it makes a 5 day work week have to be fit into 4 days.
  • One of my two team members is on vacation, the other needs to leave today at noon; he has to collect his kids because of a jam up involving his spouse. Completely legit, and I have no problem with it in. However, before I was a Team Lead, I was fairly autonomous. Not so any more!
  • Today my MBH's sister returns from her trip to Ireland. I'm on cab detail. Sadly, she landed 30 mins ago, and I can't get out to the airport for another hour. It'll be at least another 30 minutes before she clears Customs, but because I am down 2 team members, I am stuck -- or rather, she is stuck -- until I can get out.
  • Friday is camping with Boy Scouts: Ordinarily a good thing, because of the abbreviated work week and abbreviated day today, it makes leaving early/working-from-home all the more harder to swing.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Imus on the Horizon

It is by no means secret that this Blog has been a fan of Don Imus for over 25 years. So readers should not be surprised by my mentioning his return is coming soon:

NY DAILY NEWS: Imus, ousted in April from his nationally syndicated WFAN show by CBS Radio, will on Dec. 1 reportedly take over the morning slot at WABC occupied by Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby.

Reached by e-mail at his New Mexico ranch, Imus declined to discuss his future plans, saying, "Ha ha....nice try" when a reporter pressed him for details

I am not at all happy at the prospect of Curtis and Kuby being canned for the Imus return, nor am I convinced this is what will happen. Curtis & Kuby's meteoric rise came from the ashes of the Rocky Allen ShowGram which had to be the worst programming decision ever on the 50,000 watt blowtorch, WABC radio ... aside, perhaps, from dropping Lionel (which did, in fact, make room for Sean Hannity, but I digress...).

But C&K are fixtures on WABC, and I find it hard to imagine the suits would can them unless their ratings had somehow turned abysmal. And being that theirs is a show that is truly NYC-centric, I doubt it (I confess I haven't read Arbitron lately, but mean to do so this week).

Still, the other Citadel station in NYC is WPLJ (formerly known as Where Rock Lives!), which is a pop station these days. Somehow I doubt they'd forfeit their drive-time to all-talk (but hey! 17 years ago, who'd think all-sports-talk would have sold??).

Speaking personally, as much as I am fond of Curtis' Sliwaisms and the not-too-shabby judicial comments from Ron Kuby, the C&K show never did much for me. Since April I've listened to their show, more for the sports reports of Warner Wolf than for the main hosts. Perhaps far too many agree with me.

Regardless, I look forward to Don Imus' return.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tales of Baristas

The following are two true stories that happened to me this weekend, both involving purchased coffee.

She knows Pi like the back of her...

On Saturday I ordered a couple of cups of mocha lattes at the Wegman's Coffee Bar. The clerk prepared them as I watched. Something caught my eye; it was a tattoo that was rectangular in shape and ran about 6" on her forearm.

As she put up the coffees I asked her what it was. She turned her arm up to show me her tat and proudly announced: it's Pi! Sure enough, it was Pi to the 9th digit.

I complimented her on her Geek Chic, and she beamed that no one had ever said that to her before. To show her appreciation she offered to add a shot to both cups.

Hey, free caffeine? Works for me!

Glistening Starbucks

On Sunday we shopped at Barnes & Noble, and again I was on coffee detail. After ordering a pair Autumnal-inspired coffees, I asked the Barista if a book for my oldest could be paid for as well. Paying by credit card, she handed me a pen and the slip to sign.

As I handed back the pen, I noticed a bit of moisture on my fingertips. It was then I realized the gal placed the pen in her cleavage, clipped to her apron.

I'm not quite sure if I should be bothered by that or not. I mean, I don't care if she sweats glistens (women, of course, do no sweat), we all perspire (trust me: I do more than my fair share).

But from a food service point of view.... I don't think Starbucks Corp would like to know this gal's habit.

On the other hand, I suppose she always knows where her pen is clipped.

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Got kids?

This story gives the line about doctors going fishing a new and disturbing twist....

“The doctor wanted to know how much you and mom drink, and if I think it’s too much,” my daughter told us afterward, rolling her eyes in that exasperated 13-year-old way. “She asked if you two did drugs, or if there are drugs in the house.”


“The doctor wanted to know how we get along,” my daughter continued. Then she paused. “And if, well, Daddy, if you made me feel uncomfortable.”

Great. I send my daughter to the pediatrician to find out if she’s fit to play lacrosse, and the doctor spends her time trying to find out if her mom and I are drunk, drug-addicted sex criminals.

We’re not alone, either. Thanks to guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics and supported by the commonwealth, doctors across Massachusetts are interrogating our kids about mom and dad’s “bad” behavior.

The rest of this story - found on Jules Crittenden (via Dr. Helen) is an example of medical professionals overstepping their bounds. It could be partly blamed on Trial Lawyers suing anyone and everyone when things go wrong, as in You're a trusted professional; why didn't you do something to prevent this. It could be a furtherance of the Nanny State.

Regardless, it must be stopped.

And if you think SCHIP or any kind of Universal Health Care won't make this stuff more common, think again.

What does your Ped ask your kids when the door is closed??

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

On being a hands-off Team Lead

As I am grinding away with my assigned tasks, including the ones added when I became a Team Leader (Help Desk Team Lead, over 2 others), I certainly have enough on my desk to keep me busy.

My management style -- I said that in italics because I am certain someone would correct me by saying I was only a Team Lead and not a proper Manager (my salary reflects that no doubt) -- is hands-off. Both people on the Team were there before I was named to take the Lead spot. They know what they're doing, we're all adults: do your job, prepare your reports, let me know if shit hits the fan. Works for me, and them (there was a concern I would change everything around; nonsense!).

Part of the routine is to prepare weekly status reports for senior management; I do that based on the Team's individual weekly status reports, generally filed on Fridays.

Today I got a SR from one of my Team members. Being so busy, I glanced at the subject line and moved on. 4 hours later I got to read it.

After listing what she did for the week-to-date, it says I'm in vacation-mode from here on!

Vacation? She's going on vacation? Sure enough, I found the request I approved in August. She's gone until the 22nd.

But not even so much of a see you in 2 weeks!, she upped and left about an hour ago. The other Team Member saw her leave, but had no conversation with her either.

Now there's no doubt she deserves to take her leave, but now I have to contend with picking up her slack these next two weeks, too. Fortunately, her Status Report should provide I need.

Maybe I'm too hands-off...?

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Saluting a stateside patriot

From Tammy Bruce:

In an act of great patriotism, Jim Brossard, Vietnam vet and bus driver in Reno, Nevada, took personal action when he saw a Mexican flag flying over the Stars and Stripes, which is in fact a federal crime. Jim decided that couldn't stand, so he cut the Mexican flag down. It is this sort of individual act, simple and right, symbolic and actual, that has kept Old Glory flying throughout our history. We salute Jim, and thank him from the bottom of our hearts.

Here is Channel 4 KRNV's original coverage of the incident, and click here for video of Jim and the situation at Breitbart.
God Bless Mr. Brossard and fellow patriots such as himself.

And now... about that fence to help stop illegal immigrants....

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sen. Clinton claims responsibility

Looks as if Sen. Clinton (D-NY) has taken responsibility for helping bring Media Matters to life.

Not that this surprises any one, I realize, but...

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Desperate times deserve desperate measures

Now we all know the 2008 election is 13 months away, right? I ask because many on the Left are acting as if it is a few weeks away.

Why else would they go to great lengths to fabricate a story about Rush Limbaugh - one that ample audio and video disprove - and pursue this fraud on the floor of Congress?

Michelle Malkin reports that Sen Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, a phony war hero in his own right, has entered personal attacks against Mr. Limbaugh on the Congressional Record. That's like trusting national security documents with Sen. Leahy, or Sen. Kennedy giving driving lessons, or Sen. Biden giving a speech on plagiary to college students.

Who knows? Maybe the Democrat candidates for President are more like the NY Mets in performance. Why else would there fellow Democrats resort to such a baseless accusation?


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On Socialized Medicine

Everyone knows Canada's health care is the alleged gold standard of government health care in the world.

Why, just ask Member of Parliament Belinda Stronach. Ms. Stronach is battling breast cancer, and travelled from Toronto to California for a required mastectomy. Unlike the rest of the citizens of Canada, Ms. Stronach paid her own way for the travel, the procedure, and the other expenses.

While this blog does, of course, wish MP Stronach well during her recovery, it is important to note that because she could afford it, she availed herself of the best surgical skills money could buy. And it wasn't in Canada.

So don't come here to defend Universal Health Care or the bastardization of the SCHIP program unless you can defend why a well-paid MP should be able to travel on her dime to the US if the US' health care system is allegedly broken.


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