Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quick Hits

...and now for a return of Quick Hits:

  • Sen. Larry Craig (R), flushed out. OK, that was a lame pun. Any hope of this guy earning a defense from me went out the door the moment I learned he pleaded guilty. He should resign now.

    Yes, there are those in Congress (particularly in the current majority) who have been charged with equally/more heinous crimes and are still serving, but we're not taking about them. We're talking about a man, an educated man, a member of the upper house of Congress, who was presumably informed of his right counsel, and who freely and in his right mind pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

    Now, I can dare to ask WHAT he pleaded to: tapping a foot, running his hand under the wall. Yes, you and I know what this probably means, but in a court of law does it prove beyond a reasonable doubt a crime was committed (or, presumably, was about to be committed)? I am not so sure.

    But what he is, by his own plea, is guilty. Not because he may or may not be gay (I don't care, outside of his probable lying about same), I don't care if he may or may not be bisexual. He was being investigated for an alleged extra-marital affair. He denied it. He then put himself directly in the way of a speeding train (metaphorically speaking), allegedly in the mens room stall. By pleading guilty, he is guilty. (Say, doesn't this at all sound like a former Head of State, whose speeding train materialized itself in the manner of a blue Gap dress??).

    Time to resign. Time for the Republican Party to push him out - quietly at first, perhaps - but push him out all the same.
  • A.G. the A.G. All this talk today about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' resignation wasn't news to Imus in the Morning fans. For more on this, see ImusTruth's clip from March of this year.

    Well, the Democrats battered another member of the Administration out of office. Ever notice how they find one guy to attack, to attack, to attack, and then move on to someone else?

    But now what? We have appointed an interim A.G., the Solicitor General, Paul Clement. In the interim before the next A.G. is confirmed, Acting A.G. Clement should begin to show the Left what a real Right-Wing A.G. is like (hint: nothing at all like Mr. Gonzales). Congress will be unable to rein him in, and will be more than happy to confirm anyone President Bush proposes.

    Perhaps Acting A.G. Clement can start by investigating all those contributions Sen. Hillary Clinton recieved from a questionable address....

  • Progress in Iraq : You want proof we're making progress in Iraq? Here's a simple test: which major US Political Party would Iran want in power here in America? Why, the one that keeps calling for our withdrawal from Iraq! That way, they can fill a so-called vacuum, or the one that would exist if we left before the job was done.

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